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Lo-Fi Revisited: Thee Oh Sees

Thunderously tight garage rock from John Dwyer and co.

Can you please give us an idea of the DIY independent music scene  in San Francisco?
Seems all the bands I love here are recording themselves or having friends record them. Bands are buying their own tape machines and doing it at low or no cost which sort of lets them shape their own recordings into pretty individual sounding bad ass records. There are outdoor shows, generator shows , house parties and shows in unconventional venues or shows in venues where the owners are cool enough that it may as well be a raw space. It’s great.

What do you make of this current resurgence of acts and labels  making music and art on little-to-no budget? Do you feel any association with this so-called lo-fi movement?
I have never had money to record, that’s not to say I haven’t taken advantage of studios on a label's tab, but after all these years I have found that my favorite and most true to our sound recordings come from doing them ourselves or with a friend and it’s the most fun way for us too. I do not consider us to be involved in the "lo-fi" movement though, we are just broke!

Has this lo-fi movement been there always or have you noticed a resurgence of late?
People have always made home recordings. Nothing is worse than seeing a great live band and then buying the record and some engineer has made them sound flat or uninteresting, a shame really.

You have been in many bands before Thee Oh Sees – is making music an escape and also a compulsion for you?
Making music is really the only thing I have always stuck with. I would be a terrible insufferable asshole without it.

How was the experience of playing Woodsist/ Captured Tracks festival?
it was a lovely spot and a great day and it seemed there were no assholes there, kind of amazing actually, Todd P and Jeremy and Mike Blank Dogs all deserve a sensual hj for making a great afternoon.

If this so-called lo-fi scene burns out, what would you like kids to take away from all this?
That apparently anyone can write a million songs and play live .

What do you think will be the future for independent music?
The internet I guess, and hopefully vinyl will stick around

What do you have coming up?
We are recording on july 12th for a new ep called "warm slime" for In the Red and a bunch of singles and home recordings this year. Australia in December hopefully. a full us tour in Sept/Oct.
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