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Lo-Fi Revisited: Dum Dum Girls

60’s girl group melodies refracted through a fuzz-pop filter, courtesy of LA based Dee Dee.

Can you please give us an idea of the DIY independent music scene in LA? There seems to be a very strong sense of community within this lo-fi scene. Would you agree with this?
I am not really part of the scene in LA as a performing musician, though I've definitely been a patron of it.  DDG has remained thus far mostly a bedroom project, which, once put out onto the internet, seemed to find a home in NYC's scene.  captured tracks put out my 12" EP and mike from blank dogs has been a true friend and supporter in helping me get out into the real world.

What do you make of this current resurgence of acts and labels making music and art on little-to-no budget? Do you feel any association with this so-called lo-fi movement?
I feel an association in so much as I am working within those same parameters.  I support any kind of artistic movement that promotes accessibility.  I don't think my talent lies in self-recording, but I have a lot of fun doing it.  It is a real breeding ground for new/weird ideas -- i love getting lost in my head for hours at a time -- and a really different approach to making music than a band.  I don't think all of the stuff being lumped in as "lo-fi" or "noise pop" or whatever is necessarily good, and i don't really see myself in any genre that strangely specific, but there definitely are a lot of groups around and it's kind of nice to feel a general enthusiasm.

Has this lo-fi movement been there always or have you noticed a resurgence of late?
Lo-fi recording techniques or the desire to sound lo-fi versus hi-fi obviously aren't new things, and JAMC perfectly charted this territory 20 years ago. But it seems like the popularity of purposely distorting the fuck out of everything proves a definite resurgence -- at least in terms of enough bands doing it to warrant a scene/genre naming.  

Please tell us about your collab with Mike Sniper on The Mayfair Set.
I wanted to collaborate on a song for my 12" but we started an internet band instead.  We practice via yousendit.

Please name some musical inspirations and who do you see as musical forefathers to this lo-fi scene?
I love classic pop songwriting -- songs that I heard as a kid and still love and know the words by heart -- those are golden.  the Shangri-las, the Ronettes, the troggs, the seeds, the mamas & papas, the ramones, the soft boys ... et al.  it's a general preference for their older recordings that influences my own.  JAMC are the perfect beauty/beast model I’m sure a lot of bands look to as sonically inspiring. There's something really enticing about the combination of melody and feedback.

How was the experience of playing Woodsist/ Captured Tracks festival?
It was a lot of fun.  Plus, it was the first time I met Mike Sniper & Frankie Rose in person.  I met a lot of other people, debuted my friend Raquel's costume-making skills, and saw Thee Oh Sees - an amazing performance -- a real highlight for me.