Joanne Oldham (Will Oldham's mother) exhibits in this "curated bookstore".

Family describes itself as a curated bookstore, located on N. Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. In the year since its conception founders David Kramer, Sammy Harkham and his wife Tahli have lovingly nurtured a home-away-from-home for LA's creative community. Family's DIY gospel has spread like wildfire, partly due to their frenzied (and sidewalk-spilling) in-store readings and pop up gigs. Celebrating their first year anniversary this February with the art show Thank You, Family exhibited new work from visual luminaries including Mike Mills, Aaron Rose, Paper Rad, Will Sweeny, Cheryl Dunn.

Dazed Digital: Congratulations on your birthday! How was Thank You?
David Kramer: We were really stoked that many of our artist heroes became customers and friends and we wanted to do something big, involving as many people as we could. We wanted the roster to reflect our aesthetic as close as possible. There's Mike Mills and Geoff Mcfetridge and other people who've never shown their work before like Joanne Oldham who is Will's mum, and does these stunning, trippy, really powerful collages. We're working on a catalogue for Thank You, a collaboration with the Teenage Teardrops label and will include 25 show posters by the artist Matthew Thurber, an interview with Joanne Oldham and a split No Age/Abe Vigoda 12".

DD: What are you currently excited about in Los Angeles?
DK: Soft Boiled Eggies have a record coming out on London's Upset the Rhythm which sounds amazing. The singer Janet Kim lives in a shop front and runs an art gallery called Tiny Creatures. We're collaborating on an art show there entitled The Three Burritos opening on 29th March) jointly curated between us, Tiny Creatures and Jim Smith who runs The Smell downtown.

DD: And you are also about to open a new gallery called Hope?
DK: That's in Echo Park with Cali Dewitt who does the Teenage Teardrops label (The Sads, No Age, Abe Vigoda, Soiled Mattress and the Springs). Our first show will be Sumi Ink Club which is Luke Fishbeck of Lucky Dragons and his girlfriend Sarah Anderson. That's followed a month later by a show by the photography zine Hamburger Eyes. Before our first show it's going to be a pop-up restaurant catered by Crops and Rawbers (my friends' vegan raw foods company). The Sads are doing one of their silent shows in a few weeks too - where they do everything electric and you can only hear it through headphones. They have collected 60 pairs now.