Four Tet, Adem and Sam's Fridge

Sam Jeffers on band he formed at school with Kieren Hebden (Four Tet) and Adem, and them playing Field Day.

Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) Adem Ilhan (Domino Records' Adem) and Sam Jeffers made up the innovative post-rock band Fridge as school mates in 1996.

As Kieran Hebden and Adem's solo projects sky-rocketed, there just wasn't enough time for Fridge, but now, a little hairier, older and still best friends, they've got together to create a beautiful album The Sun and are gearing up to play next week's Field Day Festival, one of their first live shows in 6 years.

Dazed Digital: When did you decide to reform and record 'The Sun', after such a long hiatus?
Sam Jeffers(drummer): We never broke up, so we couldn't re-form. We just started making a little music again and things snowballed. The sperm and the egg met about four years ago though, so that's a pretty long gestation for the album. I never see any point really to the 'break-up' process for bands. Unless there's a clear "I'm never going to make any music again" statement that you really stick to and you go off and become a paramedic or a government bureaucrat, then you shouldn't rule out having a few musical ideas that you'd like to explore with some old friends.

DD: How were the recording sessions?
SJ: Great and, strangely given that the record took so long to make, quite productive. We put the main body of the record together in the summer last year. I think we produce our best ideas when the intensity is quite high, when the process demands we come up with a lot of ideas. It was a lot of fun.

DD: After the six years break - the experiences and musical evolvement over those years must have affected this album in a way…
SJ: It definitely did in terms of confidence and production process, although I think there's something in the collective DNA that resembles a 'sound' for us these days. The Sun isn't 93 million miles away from Happiness in that regard.

DD: Are you guys looking forward to playing live again?
SJ: It's going to be fantastic. We've added an extra couple of musicians to help broaden the sound as it's always been very difficult to translate our studio ideas to live performance. These shows should see us get a lot closer.

DD: I've heard Kieran's been in the studio with Foals… how's that going?
SJ: I've not heard a note, but he's very happy about it and I think that Foals are too. I'll see if he can give me the CD so I can leak it.

DD: So how long til the next Fridge record?
SJ: If you take the number of days in a month, multiply by the keys on a computer keyboard, divide by number of underground stations and take away a couple, you'll be in the ballpark in terms of years.