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Un-pigeonholeable electronic DJ's Allez-Allez from London depart from all the usual dancefloor hits

Working with a minimal retro-esque disco sound combined with modern perspective, Allez-Allez's debut EP on Kickboxer, 'Defeatist' features slow-rising breakdowns, albeit less cheesy but almost alluding to a progressive house era with a dreamy electro-tinged four-to-the-floor remix from Ricardo Tobar whilst 'Slump' is an off-beat synthy affair. Dazed spoke to Steve Nolan and Sam Willis, soon to release their new record label, Amazing Sounds with the first release from Appleblim and Shackleton.

Dazed Digital: You're about to release your debut single but you've been around for some time, how do you think you've reached a level of success already by mostly DJing rather than as producers, does it seem harder for DJ's to make a name for themselves without production alongside?
Sam Willis: What success we have had to date has hopefully come through us being honest about the music that we love, having a clear vision about what we want to communicate through our mixes and also the type of artists that we ask to do contribute... This has given the people who check out our site an idea of who we are as DJs / people, and both mine and Steve's mixes are always pretty different, there's stuff that I'll play that he won't and vice versa, but that just keeps things interesting.
Steve Nolan: We can only speak for ourselves and whilst it does seem having a release behind you can give your career a little bit of a kick start we haven't really felt any penalties from not having one until now. Having the website has definitely helped spread our name a lot furthur as DJs than it would've in the pre-internet era and has allowed us to do a fair bit of travelling and meet some very nice people along the way which we're very grateful for.

DD: How would you describe your sound?
Sam Willis: This might sounds really glib, but I think 'sincere' is probably the best description... we really try hard to just play music that we love, no matter how old or new it is - I honestly can't understand why most DJs insist on filling their sets with the latest promos when they have the whole history of recorded music to delve into! Our role as DJs is to play the best music for that given dancefloor / iPod, whatever it might be, and whenever it might have been recorded. Of course, it's good to avoid music that's become overplayed, the reaction to an old classic, or something truly extraordinary that people haven't heard is far far more rewarding than just playing 'the hits', then it becomes less of a communal experience for the DJ and dancefloor, as you might as well just put on a mix CD of the latest hits and just stand there in the Jesus pose!

DD: How did you decide on your name?
Steve Nolan: After a long and drawn out process which involved me suggesting the name 'Glamorous' which Sam never lets me forget (in my defence I was taking it from a Jesus Lizard song so was thinking more Yow than La Chapelle in my Davids). Then we just to and fro for a couple of weeks until Sam suggested Allez-Allez which just felt right and obviously harks back to an era and style of music that we're both enamoured with.

DD: What's your worst fashion secret?
Steve Nolan: That'd be the tartan shorts I got my mother to make me when i was younger - I was thinking Wonderstuff, everyone else was thinking Bay City's Rollers. Not entirely sure now which is worse. I no longer wear them.

DD: What is your label, Amazing Sounds like?
Steve & Sam: Well, we're coming up on our first release which is Harmonia & Eno remixed by Shackleton and Appleblim w/ Komonazmuk which we thinks marries to styles and times of music that are a huge inspiration on us quite nicely and is a perfect first shot across the bowes. As for future releases we plan to carry on working with people whose work we absolutely love and bringing in people to interpret their work in some hopefully unexpected ways.

DD: If you weren't making music, what would you be doing?
Sam Willis: It's really hard to say to be honest, as my life's been pretty much based around it since my teenage years... probably being a really grumpy, anxious git working in a telephone call centre somewhere... Since I really got stuck in, I've found it to be a constantly evolving, rewarding experience, the best part being that it isn't dependent on an audience, so you can dive in whenever you want. Also, it's something I see myself doing for the rest of my life, whereas who knows if DJs will even be needed in 20 years time!

DD: What are your Top 5 tracks of the moment?
Mount Kimbie - Sketch On Glass (Hot Flush)
Harmonia & Eno 76 - Shackleton & Appleblim/Komonazmuk remixes (Amazing Sounds)
Luke Abbott - Brazil (Border Community)
Rebolledo - Guerrero (Comeme)
Cold Cave - Heavenly Metals (Heatworm)