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LuckyMe’s Ballers Social Club Exclusive Mix

The Blessings’ Dazed exclusive mix including Hud Mo, Rustie remixing The Big Pink, Mike Slott and Lunice.

Two years of Buckfast and beats from the likes of edIT, Chesca, Cool Kids, Gaslamp Killer and many, many more - it’s our second home, it’s LuckyMe’s Ballers Social Club. To celebrate their upcoming birthday weekender on the 11th (at Stereo) and 12th September (at The Ivy) with Darkstar, Rustie, Fulgeance, Dema, Dante Fried Chicken and Jamie Vex’d, LuckyMe’s head honchos The Blessings flex this mix with a ton of unheard exclusives.

Ballers Social Club Top 5 highlights of the past 2 years

Joe Ballers
1. Phat Kat refusing to drink anything but his own custom cocktail - The Ronnie Appleseed.
2. Watching Fulgeance intensely wash his hands before his U.K debut.
3. Girls goin nutso as Lunice performed the Stanky Legg.
4. Andrew Meza wearing a mask made of pancake while DJing.
5. Meeting every person who has played (worldwide fam-lay).

Dom Sum (The Blessings)
1. Andrew Meza awkwardly dancing with Nadsroic at the afterparty.
2. Darkstar DJing at his own afterparty (and pulling).
3. Turning on the lights to signal the end of the Ikonika House Party (and knowing we got away with it without being arrested).
4. Dante (of DFC) dancing drunk at the Theophilus London show.
5. Rustie Rus every time he plays.

Martyn FineArt (The Blessings)
1. Dam Funk literally singing our praises.
2. "Drunk Bitches!" care of Phat Kat.
3. Ras G blowing the sound system within two minutes of arriving.
4. My pregnant wife standing on a chair dancing to Dorian Concept.
5. Gaslamp Killer x 2.

Ballers Social Club Top 5 future guests wish list

Joe Ballers
1. Jerimiah (On my girls birthday!).
2. Tortoise.
3. Hudson Mohawke live band.
4. Seance with Sun Ra.
5. J.U.S.T.I.C.E League live set.

Dom Sum (The Blessings)
1. Clipse (still got it).
2. Bell Biv Devoe.
3. Caribou Vibration Ensemble.
4. Kingdom.
5. Luda'.

Martyn Fineart (The Blessings)
1. Sade.
2. The return of Nadsroic.
3. Reformed SWV.
4. Ice Cube "Death Certificate" - On Ice.
5. Twista.


Nadsroic - Higashi Vs Nishi (LuckyMe)
Hudson Mohawke - 3.30  (Warp Records)
Mike Slott - Six AM  (LuckyMe)
Lunice - Hip Pop  (LuckyMe)
The Big Pink - Dominoes (Rustie remix)  (4AD)
Jay Prada - From 1000  (LuckyMe)
The Blessings - Faberge  (LuckyMe)
Respite - Pang  (LuckyMe)
The Blessings - Obama Sushi  (LuckyMe)
Tiago - Hidden Sources  (LuckyMe)
Dema - Chang  (LuckyMe)
Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5  (Warp Records)
American Men - Claude Speed  (LuckyMe)