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Boy 8-Bit's Ghoulish Mix

London producer Dave Morris is back on the club music scene with his new EP, whilst inspired by his obsession with old-school horror films he brings us an exclusive mix for Dazed

Having started out on Diplo's Mad Decent, London's Dave Morris aka Boy 8-Bit is set to release his comeback EP 'Baltic Pine' via This Is Music Records. A prolific remixer for Chromeo to Midfield General, and The Black Ghosts to Mika, he also recently crafted a fine wobbly number for Florence & The Machine's 'Drumming Song'. Also having previously released on New York's Trouble & Bass, he's received support from Fake Blood, Annie Mac, Sinden and all the etc pioneers of fidget house. His new EP shows a darker, heavier progression compared to his earlier releases, featuring eerie organs and accordions against some B-more beats.

Speaking to Dazed, he also brings us an exclusive mix in two parts, combining his mad mash-up skills with his obsession with '80's horror soundtracks...

Dazed Digital: Having released your new EP after a break, how would you describe your music now?
Boy 8-Bit: It's not much different to be honest. At least two of these tunes ('Wolfen' and 'Chapel Of Ghouls') have been knocking around in one form or another for a couple of years. The EP might sound different from my previous releases, but it's more a case of feeling confident about releasing some of the tracks I may have thought before were a little too left of field. Listening to it, I suppose the new stuff is a bit more restrained, but this just seems to be a general shift with a lot of producers/DJs, going techier/housier, etc. I think things just started to get a bit crazy and noisy, there was an over saturation of sub-standard tracks and an increase in the amount of people who were just banging out the same old crap from their laptops. In order to stand out from the crowd you've got to move on a bit and try to surprise people... Keep it fresh.

DD: Do you feel you've moved on from the 'blog house' scene, or were you never a part of it?
Boy 8-Bit: I suppose I was part of it, but I never really went out of my way to be involved with it. People just blogged my records. There was a 'blog' sound of sorts and I can see how my records would have fitted in with it, but I mainly moved on from that as I got a bit bored of it, big bass drops and the like. I still stand by the stuff I made and continue to play it, but I wanted to try something different - a new challenge. People seem to like the new tracks/remixes and have been posting them, so I suppose i'm still part of the blog world...

DD: What do you think has influenced your work?
Boy 8-Bit: A desire to make my own records, to play them out in the clubs and hopefully hear other people playing them too.

DD: What's your worst vice?
Boy 8-Bit: Boring answer, but drinking. Though I have recently started to rein it in a bit with the amount of touring I have been doing. Not healthy. Physically and mentally!

DD: Who are your favourite artists right now?
Boy 8-Bit: Stephan Bodzin and Oliver Huntemann, Style of Eye, Joker...

DD: You've remixed a ridiculous amount of people, who do you still want to collaborate with?
Boy 8-Bit: In general I would really like to start producing for other bands/artists. I think it would be a fresh challenge and could be really exciting, rather than collaborating on new "Boy 8-Bit ft. / Vs " material. I have some possibilities lined up, but not going to say anything just yet. That doesn't really answer your question, does it? Ha...

DD: What are your plans next?
Boy 8-Bit: More remixes, a break from remixes. A new EP, getting some remixes of the old EP, more DJ dates, external production work, developing a possible live show and finishing my album.

Tracklist for the 'Halloween Special Mix':
Part 1-
Goblin – ‘Waiting Death’ (Tenebre)
Rick Wakeman – ‘Campfire Tales’ (The Burning)
Alessandro Allesandroni – ‘Devils Nightmare’ (Devils Nightmare)
Nico Fidenco – ‘Zombie Parade’ (Zombie Holocaust)
Nico Fidenco – ‘Come Back! Rhythm’ ( Different version of above from Emanuelle Around The World)
Nora Orlandi – ‘Dies Irae’ (The Strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh)
Dialogue from the movie ‘Stagefright’
Fabio Frizzi – ‘Apoteosi del Misero’ (City of the Living Dead)
Fabio Frizzi – ‘Sequenza 8? (Zombi 2 aka Zombi Flesh Eaters)
DEan Gitter – Skin and Bone (From the Album Ghost Ballads 1957)
Donald Rubenstein – ‘The Calling’ (George Romero’s Martin)
Walter Razzati – Monster End (House by the Cemetery)

Part 2-
The Producers – Life in Tv (Demons 2)
Keith Emerson – Taxi Ride (Inferno)
Goblin – Snip Snap (Partick)
Ennio Morricone – 4 Mosche di Velluto Grigio’ (Four Flies on Grey Velvet)
Goblin – ‘Bikini Island’ (Contamination)
Goblin – ‘Flashing’ (Tenebre)
Hot Ice – ‘Friday 13th pt 3 Titles’ (Friday the 13th Part 3 3D )
Ritz Ortolani – ‘Do It To Me’(House by the Edge Of The Park)
Paul Zaza & Carl Zittrer – ‘Prom Night Pt 2? (Prom Night)