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Who's There?

London producer, Primary 1 apparently. And he's back with his new tracks on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label after his past string of collaborations with The Shoes, and a promise of his new album

Having recently released his latest track 'Who's There?' with Riton, Joe Flory aka Primary 1 is back on the rise, with remixes from Sweden's tech-tastic Style of Eye to Doorly. Being compared to Metronomy and even Calvin Harris by some, he has been combining ethics of the electro of '06 since the Ed Banger days with the new wave of current club music since his past singles like 'Hold Me Down' and remixes of The Shoes. The video made by fellow London producer L-Vis 1990 is a ghostly affair featuring ouija boards and a way scary 'negative' effect, Flory talks us through it amongst his influences, the new track, electro-funktastic Boys Noize Records/Monkeytown's Siriusmo and super-producer Gonzales.

Dazed Digital: As a London producer making electronic music, do you feel part of any current scene or are you creating something separate as it's more melodic/vocals-based, not so much like the wave of post-fidget club music here? How would you describe your music?
Joe Flory: I don't really follow any scene, I like lots of different music regardless of genre or type and they all influence me. For my solo stuff, I just produce the music to best suit the song... However with the stuff me and Riton have been doing together recently, we wanted to make some great clubs tunes that you can enjoy outside of a club environment too. Henry's a great DJ and producer, so we sort of merged our ideas and styles to do that.

DD: What do you think has influenced you?
Joe Flory: I like loads of stuff, but I could happily listen to Neptunes era hip hop for quite a long time. Or a bit of Vangelis.

DD: There was a lot of buzz about 'Who's There?' with Riton, like of course the Erol Alkan Forum trying to guess 'the mystery producers', how did that come about/what part did you play in that, was it Erol's suggestion like with the whole Dance Area thing?
Joe Flory: Me and Henry met and started writing songs together and it was really fun and easy, so we kept going! 'Who's There?' is hopefully the first of lots of music we'll do together, we've already got loads of great tracks close to finished. As to the secret identity, I think it was some canny planning by Erol playing on the title of the song.

DD: So L-Vis 1990 made the video for that track, did you commission him to do it? Is the song about something ghostly or was the video just an interpretation of the lyrics?
Joe Flory: L-Vis made a great video for Dance Area so we asked him to make one for us too! He's doing another one for my solo stuff this week. He's awesome. I think the theme for the 'Who's There?' video came from the line "I got ghosts in my bed"... Oh, and that show 'Most Haunted'.

DD: Who are your favourite producers right now?
Joe Flory: Siriusmo... Heard that only recently. Gonzales of Puppetmastaz/Solo piano/Feist fame has produced some tracks for Cockandbullkid that are top.

DD: You've been involved a lot with The Shoes, are they pals of yours? Who else do you still want to collaborate with?
Joe Flory: I met them through a remix or two and we made some tracks; I have always wanted to work with LA Priest...

DD: What's your worst vice?
Joe Flory: Crisps.

DD: What are you working on at the moment?
Joe Flory: The last song on my record. Allegedly the last.
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