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Get Healthy

The abrasive electronic tinged 4-piece HEALTH from L.A., known for their colourful fonts and lo-fi sounds dip their fingers in many a musical pie.

Having supported Crystal Castles to opening for Nine Inch Nails, HEALTH aka Jake, John, Jupiter and BJ are back on tour after finishing their album, 'Get Color' released on Lovepump United, featuring lo-fi songs consisting of monotonous almost half-spoken vocals paired with raw guitars. Dazed meet the band over Mexican beer and bowls of beet soup to talk freaky dalmation men and what was possibly jizz...

Can you recommend...
... three new bands?
1. PicturePlane from Denver, a really hot sound, like astral, electro, dance... noise, like memories from the '90's you don't remember because you were too young but they're awesome, a collective consciousness. If Terence McKenna had a band, it'd be this one.

2. CFCF, he's been around a little bit, he's an unbelievable talent, really unique style in the way he remixes, like adds smooth tropical jazz guitar. The 'Official Girl' -Cassie remix breaks my heart every time.

3. We were playing a festival in Poland, and Lucky Dragons played and they were incredible.

... a record label?
John Famiglietti: Lovepump United, they're putting out good stuff.

... a website?
John Famiglietti: It's a little cheesy but I'm really into this podcast called The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, very dorky but it's good to listen to this to make your mind think a lot more logically.
Jacob Duzsik & John Famiglietti: Or, that website will change your life, Ted is all about new technology, lectures, just crazy shit, shit you didn't think was even possible is happening right now on there.
Jupiter Keyes: There's this thing on there, you can wear on your neck that projects whatever you think and shoots out the Wikipedia article or whatever, so a tall times you have the information available to you, integrating technology using the 'sixth sense' thing.
Jacob Duzsik: Everything on that website's like... 'What are you talking about?'

... a film?
John Famiglietti: 'BRUNO!' It's very funny... Prospero's Books, an old film by Peter Greenway, it's great but very. Dry.

... a book?
Jacob Duzsik: Gravity's Rainbow? Amazing but I'm having a fucking hard time reading this thing, the prose is incredible but on tour it's better to read non-fiction. Musicophilia, an Oliver Sacks book, basically about all the senses of music, relating all these bizarre neurological disorders to do with how the brain processes music, like this guy who gets struck by lightning and then all he just wanted to play piano all the time. It's like when you have a fucking Rihanna song stuck in your head, there's ctually a neurulogical process. Like tinnitus, and hearing loss is very often accompanied with auditory hallucinations, if you hear a tone it's not there it's just like a deficit of auditory stimuli.
John Famiglietti: Oliver Sacks turned up to our gig, fucking. Trashed. He was like trying to get in the van, hitting shit.

... something on YouTube?
Jacob Duzsik: Without You, this guy with this like teased The Cure hair and the song is very intense, seems like it's from the 80's.
John Famiglietti: Search 'dalmation bodysuit'. It's this guy painted head to toe like a dalmation, but because he's a human they like outline his muscles, and he has this tail, and it's the most disturbing thing you'll ever see and they have them doing it as all these different animals...

DD: Have you seen grape lady?
Jacob Duzsik: No?
John: Oh yeah, that phenomenon, that woman who falls off the grape thing? Yeah, like "Ohh God! AAAH. OWOWOW".
Jacob Duzsik: You know those exercise, yoga balls, there's like this montage of just people who fall off those and it's really slapstick and you feel really dumb watching it but it's like hilarious.
Jupiter Keyes: The Oozinator commercial, kids toy from the 90's, a supersoaker but filled with what looks like human jizz, kids are just getting shot in the chest and rubbing it on themselves.

... something to do on a day off?
John Famiglietti: You know, going to the beach, go on a casual hike, swim in the ocean with the goggles on, have a lot of sex, yeah sex goggles. I like to put on movie soundtracks and dress up like characters and have sex in characters, all British accents.
Jupiter Keyes: Or, not be around each other. If you're in a band I would recommend not hanging out with your band' ironically we still end up hanging out. Like wanna get a burrito?
John Famiglietti: It's like 'yeah ok'. I don't have any friends. You can't hang with normal people 'cause they're all at work.

... a song everyone should hear?
Jupiter Keyes: Disrespect My Shortie by R Kelly
Jacob Duzsik: Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson
John Famiglietti: Durutti Column- Sketch for Summer, one of my favourite songs of all time.

DD: So you're touring at the moment? What's the best place you've played so far?
Croatia was an awesome show really unexpected. Barcelona was amazing... Krakow, Poland.

DD: Do you feel you're part of an electronic music scene, though you're more of a indie/rock band, like there's been some links to 'disco' even?
Jacob Duzsik: For us being a modern band there has to be an open, you can be like a pure rock band, but part of a scene, no. We think of ourselves as more of a rock band, but we self-apply 'disco' for our remix album, we're not writing music on computers but we have electronic elements.

DD: What are your plans next?
Jacob Duzsik: Album coming out, a lot of touring, our first proper video that we made is coming out in a week or two, so that's exciting.
John Famiglietti: Buy the CD and get the chance of winning a ticket, it's a CD sweepstakes for a trip to Los Angeles and we'll take you to Magic Mountain. Should be fun. Could be fun.
Jacob Duzsik: Could be a disaster. Someone could die.

HEALTH's album 'Get Color' will be out September 8th, 2009