Portland Special: DJ Hot Air Balloon

We speak to Steve Schroeder, Holocene's favourite DJ.

Party DJ, promoter, game show host, and founder of States Rights Records, if you're in Portland you can't ignore Steve Schroeder.

Dazed Digital: How and why did you all end up in Portland?
Steve Schroeder: I came here for college (Lewis & Clark). Didn't graduate, moved back to LA for a year and then came back here in 2000 and have been here ever since.
DD: What's the best thing about Portland?
SS: Probably fleet week. LOVE THOSE SAILORS! Um... actually... maybe the breakfast scene, it's a cool town to get a breakfast in.
DD: What's the worst thing about Portland?
SS: You become complacent living here and take the cool conditions and people for granted. Also, too many white people, not enough other dudes.
DD: What was your most memorable Portland gig?
SS: Maybe a bachelorette party at Holocene with projected gay porn and people partying so hard and just wanting Madonna so badly. Or maybe Yacht on a Yacht. That was pretty awesome.
DD: What's your favourite Portland spot?
SS: Pier Park in St. John's. It's like a cool forest and also has a fairly wicked Frisbee Golf Course.
DD: What are the best Portland bands that we haven't heard of?
SS: Flaspar, White Fang.

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