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It's Nice That, Jack

Visual artist, Jack Featherstone creates an array of video artforms using block colours and cut-out shapes.

With a background in Graphic Design from the Chelsea College of Art, Jack Featherstone has continued to produce designs that experiment with brightly coloured graphics in geometrical layouts and more recently was commissioned by The Count and Sinden to produce visuals for their live sets and the video for 'Mega', using cleverly synced flashing light installations almost reminiscent of the Transformers, if robots were banging house producers.

His work has been described as relying "heavily upon the basic foundations of design such as balanced composition, colour harmony,  geometric expression and bold communication, to try and create a solid visual language that is relevant to today's contemporary graphic design environment."

He explains, "The lightbox idea for the video stemmed from a prototype club installation that I created for a previous personal project called 'Add Then Subtract'. It was an experimental moving image project that tried to visualize the music that I was listening to at the time, which happened to be minimal techno. The idea behind the light box was that it could react real time to music that was being played, with various segments of the installation expressing different elements within a track. When the Count And Sinden approached me to do their video I proposed that we resurrected the lightbox that I had made and sync it with their track."

"Each segment of the lightbox is made from card, it took me around a week to build the whole thing, then I created an animation out of shapes that corresponded to the cardboard blocks and projected directly onto them. I enlisted the help of talented film maker Hans Lo to help me shoot the video. This worked out great because we had both worked on the last 3 Simian Mobile Disco videos together along with Kate Moross, and it gave us a chance to put everything we had learned from those shoots into practice. A second projector was brought in to project the visuals that I had already made for the guys over the top of the lightbox, which meant the video would tie in with the live show. The video has this strange Transformer/Megatron style to it which seems to fit nicely with the title of the track."

Whilst dabbling in other mediums aside from the music video, he has created handmade typefaces for an issue of Wonderland Magazine, childlike Russian dolls for creative agency YCN, designed t-shirts and also co-founded CovertCandy. He had his 'Play With Type' project exhibited in the 'It's Nice That Original Format' exhibition and he has also worked alongside Kate Moross on projects for Playstation, Vauxhall and Simian Mobile Disco.