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Pens (London, UK)

The new London scuzzy popsters talk about their love of Spice Girls.

Helen, Amelia and Stef (Stef was on holiday so couldn’t answer our questions) are Pens. Taking a love of Pavement, The Breeders and barely viewable girly VHS movies and stuffing them through a distortion pedal with never-too-much-reverb, they make amazingly scuzzy, scrappy, near-disaster pop. They’re all from London, they’re about to do a West Coast tour of the US with Graffiti Island and Crocodile (watch out for the Art Fag Recordings split 7” with all the bands mentioned), their debut album “Hey Friend, What You Doing?” is forthcoming on De Stijl Recs and their new video made by Daniel Swan (Rye Rye, MIA) is another slice of awesome 8bit grime. Not that sort of grime, check it below.

Q & A
Whats… special about you, then?
Amelia: I have four names, I like old horror movies, I have every episode of “Ren and Stimpy” ever made and I like drawing horrible things.
Helen: I'm left handed, I have flexible shoulder blades, and I once had my letter published in the Spice Girls official magazine.

...your worst vice?
Amelia: Weed.
Helen: “Come Dine With Me”.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?
Amelia: Worrying is praying for what you don't want.
Helen: Your fingernails are all the way at the end of your arms, so they can't clash with your clothes! That was Scary Spice.

...better, analog or digital?
Amelia: Whatever, as long as I can hear it and I like how it sounds.
Helen: Digital watch. Much easier to read.

...your favourite piece of clothing?
Amelia: A Beavis and Butthead t-shirt.
Helen: A snake print leotard.

...the world coming to?
Amelia: Storms.
Helen: Whatever you want it to.

...the name of your hero?
Amelia: Walt Disney.
Helen: I don't have one. special about your hero?
Amelia: melodic, animated genius.
Helen: I don’t have one.

...your worst fashion secret?
Amelia: Plastic visa.
Helen: A pink velour t-shirt.

...this year going to bring?
Amelia: Fun, sun and bikini parties.
Helen: Lots of bits of plastic with our music on them.

...your favourite website?
Amelia: and
Helen: the top of your shit list?
Amelia: Angry men in cars.
Helen: My broken wireless internet provider.

How would you describe your work?
Amelia: Joyful.
Helen: That's right.

Pens: ‘High In The Cinema’ Directed by Daniel Swan

Pens play Old Blue Last with Graffiti Island on 6th August and Cargo on 14th August.