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Photography by Pierre Debusschere and Dominique Pa
Photography by Pierre Debusschere and Dominique Palombo

Fanklub DJs Blast Your Ghetto

From running their own earth shaking parties to touring Europe’s most banging nightspots, Fanklub DJs have the music scene covered.

Fanklub DJs are the fantastic duo that came to save the Antwerp night seen in 2004 with their monthly party, Blast Your Ghetto. DJs Erwin and Pascal not only work in music- Pascal is a trained artist graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and has been involved in exhibitions and art projects while Erwin is busy producing his own music. Touring around major clubs in Europe and overseas they’ve got something that makes us to look forward to seeing them every month. Dazed got a hot interview with the pair…
Dazed Digital: You guys had played during Walter Van Beirendonk shows in Paris, Bruno Pieters' parties and the Royal Academy's after show party twice. How did you become so involved with the Antwerp Fashion scene?
Fanklub DJs: The start of the Fanklub parties in 2004 was very mysterious. We had an idea of how the party should be, but obviously things always find their own way. The party attracted a lot of people from the fashion scene, including all people from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. It became a kind of a clubhouse of all people involved with any kind of creative discipline.
DD: You have a very strong visual image since Fanklub the party till now, tell us about a bit more?
Fanklub DJs: We don't believe in fake identities and hypes. We believe that in the end only true dedication, individuality and honesty will survive. Always being yourself and following your own taste raises your credibility.
DD: Why did you start up in Antwerp and not in The Netherlands where you come from?
Fanklub DJs: This has a couple of reasons. Pascal was already living on the border between Belgium and Holland, Erwin moved to Antwerp to work in fashion. We both loved Antwerp already for years. Though it's small, it still has a huge variety of people and a lot of creative energy. We believe that people here are much more open to new things (especially when it comes to music and fashion) and less depending on the masses. The mentality and mix of music and people we wanted to create wouldn't be possible in The Netherlands, it's actually as simple as that.
DD: Apart from DJ'ing you are also working on your own music. How is that going?
Fanklub DJs: Currently only Erwin is producing. It's going well... We're buying some analog synths right now. Loving their warm sound!
DD: What`s your favorite piece of clothing?
Pascal: Vintage Raf Simons bomber jacket.
Erwin: My hat with the pigeon feather.

DD: What`s Blast Your Ghetto all about ?
Fanklub DJs: After three years of Fanklub parties, with a very strong identity and doorpolicy, we wanted to create something new and undefined. This became Blast Your Ghetto. A lot of people from the former Fanklub still came, but also a fresh generation of people who are totally into the music we play. From September we will start our third season, it's a place where we can experiment with music and ideas.
DD: What thing would you kill for?
Fanklub DJs: Family and friends, in the end that's what really counts.

DD: What`s the story behind your name?
Fanklub DJs: Before starting our first party we were thinking about a cool name. Fanklub itself is not really an original name but for us it really covers the feeling we wanted to create. A club feeling of people with all the same interest. By changing the C for a K it became very recognizable.We never intended to become Fanklub DJ's as we all were using our own DJ names. Until we were playing on a party which didn't have enough space on the flyer to put our full names on... so that's how it became Fanklub DJ's.
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