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courtesy of Instagram/@arianagrande

Apparently Kanye West’s SNL spot is a replacement for Ariana Grande

After the singer dropped out ‘for emotional reasons’

Kanye West’s much-hyped appearance on Saturday Night Live tonight – which will apparently coincide with the release of his new musical project, Yandhi – almost wasn’t even on the cards, according to SNL creator Lorne Michaels. On US journalist James Andrew Miller’s podcast, Michaels revealed that Kanye only grabbed the slot after the originally-planned musical guest, Ariana Grande, pulled out for “emotional reasons”.

Grande also pulled out of the Emmy Awards earlier this month, following the death of former boyfriend Mac Miller, and had fans rushing to her support on Thursday (September 27) when she made a series of emotional tweets.

It’s convenient timing for Kanye, though, who has been progressively teasing promotion for the upcoming Yandhi release, allowing him to (all being well) repeat the release process for his Life of Pablo album in 2016, which similarly followed an SNL appearance.

Dropping into The FADER’s offices last week (September 26) Kanye hosted a small listening session for some songs off the new album. Controversially, he also revealed his decision to feature both XXXtentacion and 6ix9ine on Yandhi, despite the former having been accused of kidnapping and abuse before his death earlier this year, and the latter having pled guilty to sexual misconduct with a child.