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Lana Del Ray DAZED
Lana wears lamé dress Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, earring Louise FerdinandoPhotography Charlotte Wales, styling Robbie Spencer

Lana Del Rey has spoken out after the arrest of her knife-wielding stalker

The singer took to Twitter to thank fans for the messages following the foiled kidnap plot, stating: ‘I'm doing fine’

Lana Del Rey has broken her silence after shocking reports that a stalker who planned to kidnap the singer was arrested before her live show in Florida on Friday. 

In a tweet, she thanked her fans for their support, and said she was looking forward to her upcoming Atlanta tour date:

Police arrested a man named Michael Hunt after they received a tip-off about an imminent kidnapping threat to the Lust for Life singer. Hunt, who was found carrying a knife, had made several “cryptic and threatening” social media posts.

A bizarre Facebook profile that appears to belong to Hunt – who has nicknamed himself as “Keeper of the Vine” – is populated mostly with Lana Del Rey videos and imagery as well as right-wing fake news. It tracks his obsession, and plays host to numerous clues that he planned to meet her – for example, he edited photographs of the singer by emblazoning them with additional text. One read “Michael & Lana 4 Life” with the caption: “2 more days”.

A post from January 30th said: “I want to see my queen on Friday and from that day forward our decisions will be as one.” In another he says Lana Del Ray “knows my face in her dreams” and “she’s my always and forever to be”.

Oddly, some of his friends appear to have encouraged his obsession with one writing: “Wow, I’m so happy for you Michael Hunt. I hope she makes you happy when you finally stalk her down and get your hands on her!” He reacted to the post with a heart.

On February 2nd, which we now know to be the day of the attempted kidnapping, he wrote: “Well folks I can barely touch the electronics anymore it's probably my last day on Facebook. I hope to see y'all on the walk about in your life be good and I'll see you on the other side everybody take care of yourself may God bless xoxo”. He received well wishes from other users on the site.

Police said that without the alert, “authorities might have been unaware” of Hunt’s plans. A police spokesman said: “We rely on the community to call in anything suspicious. If it weren’t for that tip, authorities might have been unaware of the threat posed”.

Update 07/02: Lana Del Rey tearfully thanked her fans at her Atlanta show on Monday (February 5), as a new video shows. “I’m actually feeling a little more emotional than I thought,” Del Rey said. “After what happened in Orlando, I just really wanted to be here with you guys tonight. I was totally feeling fine and then I just got a little bit nervous when I got on stage. I just want to say that I am super happy to be here with you guys.”

“If I’m a little bit feathery, just bear with me”, she added of her performance.

Watch video footage from the concert below.