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Lil B
Lil BPhotography Sebastian Demian

Lil B has been banned from Facebook for ‘hate speech’

Facebook has confirmed the Black Ken rapper won’t have access to the social network for a month

Lil B has a major social media presence: he’s the ‘father of internet rap’, and probably follows you on Twitter. He uses his platform to spread the BasedGod message, talk about love and positivity, and more recently, engage people in issues surrounding race in the U.S.

However, as Motherboard reports, Lil B has been banned from Facebook after he allegedly violated the social network’s ‘hate speech’ policies. A Facebook rep confirmed to the site that the California rapper had been banned for 30 days, and that the posts which sparked the ban had been deleted. His usually very active FB page hasn’t been updated since last week.

On Sunday (October 8), the Black Ken rapper tweeted that he had been banned for “talking about white people”.

Across his Facebook and Twitter channels, he’s touched on topics like white supremacy, gun control, the history of slavery in the U.S and white privilege, while always remaining relentlessly positive. Fans have reacted in a variety of ways. It hasn’t been confirmed what post made Facebook take action.

His almost mythical, self-produced mixtape, Black Ken, was dropped back in August to major praise.

Speaking with Dazed last year, he spoke of his decision to push his career on the internet himself, and the authenticity it has allowed him: “It’s straight from you. Lil B has changed the world, in that respect. Even though I’m on a lot of the TV in States right now, before that, I took my talents to the internet. I had the choice to do TV, do major labels, but I decided to do myself. I’m going to do my own thing.”

Taking to Twitter, Lil B described Facebook as “conservative right wing and scary” saying that it was time to “stand up to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.”

“He won’t let me speak from Love i brought over 500k likes and 60k personal,” he added.