Amber Coffman mocks Ivanka Trump in Lana Del Rey parody

‘My father is an enormous problem’

Amber Coffman, formerly of indie rock band Dirty Projectors, has added to YouTube channel Super Deluxe’s many, many Trump videos with an Ivanka parody. The song, “My Father”, sounds exactly like a Lana Del Rey song – most of which are about her daddy. It imagines what Ivanka, who has already been parodied for being “Complicit” in an SNL sketch this year, imagines what she must be thinking about her dad.

The lyrics and video are in Del Rey’s dreamy, breathy aesthetic. Stitching together Ivanka Trump quotes, Coffman sings “my father is the opposite of a man. It’s almost impossible to love him” and “his refusal to take no for an answer is a massive issue for women”, skewering several key issues that Coffman and co-creator Nick Lutsko imagine Ivanka must think about.

Trump is a problem close to Coffman’s heart – back in January, she performed at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. EW reports that when they spoke to her, Coffman said, “the election of Trump – we’ll just call him ‘45’, I guess – was the result of decades of complacency. When you’re not vocal or if you hold back, it doesn’t necessarily encourage others to stay aware and get involved. I haven’t exactly figured out the rhythm of it. I go back and forth between yelling at the clouds and just cutting the news off, because it’s hard to know how to engage and what to do” adding “it’s a tricky thing to navigate. I do think the best thing for me to do as an artist is just to try to make as much as I can and try to offer the best parts of myself to the world”.