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Solar eclipse
A solar eclipse in actionvia NASA

Songs to listen to while you’re staring at the eclipse

Need some music to ruin your eyesight to? We’ve got just the answer

If you’re in the USA, the solar eclipse should be kicking off right about now. For four hours, a shadow will befall North America, beginning in Oregon before travelling southwards towards and disappearing into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a moment to cherish: not only are there few opportunities to witness this dance of the celestial bodies in one lifetime, it’s also a rare humbling moment for humanity, one that should put the meaninglessness of the world’s geopolitical conflicts into perspective.

It is also – let’s be honest – a little boring. Once you’ve seen it for a minute, you’ve seen it all. So, if you think you need an audio accompaniment to your gaze into the sky, we’ve prepared a little soudtrack to help. From TV on the Radio’s awe-inspiring “Staring at the Sun” to CFCF’s divine “Beyond Light”, here are some tracks to ruin your eyesight to.