Drake’s dad makes a cooler video than Drake has ever done

The ‘Kinda Crazy’ video is a charming piece of lo-fi luxury

Dennis Graham is mostly known as Drake’s dad, but he’s also become a cult star in his own right. He often pops up in the rapper’s music videos and Instagram posts, he appeared (as a vintage photograph) on the cover of this year’s More Life project, and he boasts nearly 300,000 Instagram followers of his own. He’s also a musician – he used to be a drummer in Memphis, Tennessee, and last year he struck out solo with his own single, a classic R&B tune called “Kinda Crazy”. Now, Graham Sr. has gone a step further and released his very own music video.

On its surface, the “Kinda Crazy” clip has all the hallmarks of a classic Drake video – it’s lavish, it’s excessive, it luxuriates – but there’s something charmingly lo-fi about it. Despite the presence of a throne, fog, a model, and a fancy bar, it all looks like it cost about £200 to make. Still, Graham and his moustache come across well. He seems like a cool and chill guy, the sort of person you’d want to hang out and have a drink with, and frankly that’s more than can be said for most people’s dads.

The video itself has a chequered history. After “Kinda Crazy” first dropped, the video was teased as a 35-second clip via TMZ – but the full thing never materialised. This might be due to poor sales of the single. As Complex report, Graham expressed frustration at people for not buying the track in a since-deleted Instagram post, writing at the time that “I will be deleting all my so called friends on Instagram who hasn’t purchased my 1.29 Kinda Crazy single how cheap can friends be have a nice life!!!!!!!” (sic) The premiere party for the video was cancelled too – but with Dennis Graham (and Drake) appearing in a new Virginia Black whiskey commercial soundtracked by “Kinda Crazy”, it’s likely he decided to put the video online to capitalise on the renewed interest.

Watch the video above.