Ho99o9 eviscerate the US media landscape in their new video

The LA punk-rap duo take aim at black stereotypes and ‘mankind’s ongoing starring roll as the ultimate meat-puppet and a slave for clickbait’ in their ‘City Rejects’ video

On May 5, LA punk/rap/metal/industrial thrashers Ho99o9 release their long-awaited debut album United States of Horror. The first cut and video from the album, title track “United States of Horror”, was a gut-punch that showed the band at their sharpest and most militant. “City Rejects” is the second of a trilogy of music videos tied to the album. The track swaps the bowel-shaking basslines of “United States of Horror” for pure, cathartic riffage, while its visuals take aim at the US media landscape.

“The world is cruel, ruthless, a fucked up place for humanity,” the band explain. “If the video for ‘United States of Horror’ was our State of the Union address, in part two, ‘City Rejects’ points the middle finger at some of the reasons why things are so fucked up: how the media depicts stereotypes, blacks vs. whites, mankind’s ongoing starring roll as the ultimate meat-puppet and a slave for clickbait. The perpetuation of the most fucked-up shit possible to ensure those pre-roll ads ship! The idea here is to appropriate the aspects of hate-culture and turn it back on itself, bonappetit from the devil’s plate.”

The duo are kicking off a tour of the US in May, and will hit Europe throughout June – including shows in the UK.

Watch the “City Rejects” video above.

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