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Grimes is writing a novel

The singer is working on her first book – but ‘don’t expect anything good for, like, 20-25 years’

Not content with just being a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, visual artist, and music video director, Grimes has revealed that she’s now working on a novel.

Posting on Instagram yesterday (April 10), the Canadian pop auteur revealed that she has started writing a novel, but her editor, friend and fellow musician HANA, “informs me that my first chapter needs more showing and less telling”. She adds: “Too bad the people don’t want a novel comprised entirely of fake facts about a fake universe.”

Don’t expect to see results from this any time soon. As Grimes writes: “Re-read some good intros to double check and I guess its best to start w a plot. this is gonna be a dang endurance test if there ever was one and don't expect anything good for like 20-25 years.” (sic)

Grimes has always been vocal about her literary influences – last year, she discussed her love of Dostoyevsky, Baudelaire, and Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris with AnOther – so even if it does take a literal quarter of a century for anything to come out, it could be great.

Check out the Instagram post below.