Watch digital love come to life in Klyne’s new video

Artist Margot Bowman ruminates on how connected we are to the technology in our lives in her video for Dutch band Klyne’s offbeat heartbreak song ‘Still Not Over You’

We live in an age of dating apps, where online chats often come before IRL connections – if they appear at all – so this was an easy touchpoint for artist Margot Bowman to tap into while shooting the video for Dutch band Klyne’s new song “Still Not Over You”. 

Having explored what it means to “be a human being in a digital world” in her work before, Bowman’s visuals were a natural fit for the band’s own deeply layered approach to that most conventional of subjects in music: love. As Klyne explain, “Still Not Over You” is “a heartbreak song, but not so depressing that it makes you want to cry. Although the lyrics are 100% desperate, we’re just trying to keep it playful. There’s a lot more energy in it compared to our previous tracks.”

Recognising this, Bowman channelled this energy into presenting an off-beat film, opening with a man resting his head against an LED sign that starts ‘talking’ to him through a mixture of emojis and Klyne’s own lyrics, which light up the screen.

“We used a giant electronic road sign to test how we experience the world,” Bowman says. “The inanimate road sign flashes extracts of the songs emotional lyrics to the public, playing with the expectation that our technology ‘understands’, ‘knows’, or ‘recognises’ us. Like a giant IRL Siri, some find meaning, hope, and connection, but for others, it’s just another cold Tuesday morning.”

Watch above to decide which of those options you relate to most.