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Photograph by Michael Otero

YCE: Dalston Superstore

Dan Beaumont of Disco Bloodbath has created a Berlin-style hanging out haven in Dalston.

In addition to throwing some of the coolest parties in London, Dan Beaumont of Disco Bloodbath has made the bold move of opening up a café/bar/gallery (together with Mikki Most & Dan Pope of Trailer Trash) in the heart of Dalston, lovingly titled Dalston Superstore. Their unique, flexible space, already attracting a host of big-name DJ’s and artists looks set to succeed. “We’re not following the normal template of opening bars. We’re trying to let it naturally evolve. Not to sound arrogant but I don’t think there’s anywhere quite like it.“ Despite the burgeoning success of his cult night and remixing duties, Beaumont’s clear where his priorities lies. “It’s very difficult turning down gigs but at the moment, my heart is with the Superstore.”

Name a person or organisation that shares your DIY ethos, and explain why.
I don't do it myself! Without collaboration nothing would be possible.

Do you think the recession has helped or hindered your creativity? Why?
I do think that hard times force people to think creatively, I'm not sure how thew economic climate affects my work but I suppose it must.

Music for a revolution - what song sums up your attitude?
I can't answer this!

What other period inspires you the most, and why?

I'm afraid I'm going to have to resort to cliches and go with early 80s New York. I think the extremes of that particular period generated amazing creativity. It was the first time that art, music and performance fully cemented their bond with club culture.

Please name 5 other places to recommend for people who like Dalston Superstore
1. Moebel Olfe in Berlin
2. John Soanes museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields
4. Sunset Ashram in Ibiza
3. Mangal in Dalston
5. Disco Bloodbath!

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