Aaron Lacrate Remakes Young MC's "Know How Theme"

The Baltimore gutter producer also directs the video.

For Delicious Vinyl's twentieth anniversary, we were commissioned to remake (not remix) any two tracks of our choice from the catalogue, which was amazing and difficult, because if you were a fan of the label as a young DJ, you know they have mad club hits beyond the usual ones; a lot of those tracks are timeless dancey hip hop records, which are the records we really love, and we've tried to bring that back since we produced "Blow":  fun, club hip hop but definitely next next level is what Gutter Music is all about. We're the future of that right there, so in a lot of ways it was full circle, but I credit the Ross Brothers over there for having that Gutter vision.

We chose "Know How Theme" because it's just a tuff record on every level: the vocal is the epitome of classic golden era flow, like a Big Daddy Kane or Rakim but more mainstream, and the beat we laced is definitely one of the most original club tunes of this decade. So together we've taken something old and made it new again, which is what I do with everything Milkcrate - either records or fashion that's it, or we make the new newer. But the end result is massive and after the success we had with the Lily Allen "Smile" Gutter remix and the video and vison that I leant to the project, the big shots at Delicious Vinyl also wanted me to direct a video to "Know How Theme". Sort of what was going on in my head. I approached it as I do all things with mad originality and tons of entertainment - and yes the nineties are definitely back. Arsenio says so.