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Kwesachu Mixtape

Mica and Kwes have teamed up to put out a downloadable mixtape that features Man like Me, The Invisible, Rowdy Superstar and more.

Mica Levi from Micachu & The Shapes got together with Kwes on a Saturday evening with a mess of cds and according to Kwes, "shone light around the room flattering the lightbulb's initial emission." The MP3 result of this light phenomenon is this Kweachu Mixtape Vol. 1 which can be streamed or downloaded below. Kwes gives a more logical explanation to the mixtape:

"We had both wanted to work on something together for a long while, so when we both had a little bit of free time, we decided to put together this mixtape. It consists of original tracks, and some reworks we had both done over the last year. We thought it would also be a nice follow up to the first mixtape Micachu put together called Filthy Friends. We also thought it would be good to bring to attention some lovely new artists to people who listened to the mixtape."