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Watch Chance the Rapper sing Frank Ocean in the bathtub

The Chicago musician repped his bathtime playlist straight from the tub, including Frank, Solange, D.R.A.M and more

In a musical union of the top players in all the best album of the year lists, Chance the Rapper has shared a brief cover of Frank Ocean’s “Self Control”, all while he takes a bath. 

The short clip on the Colouring Book artist’s Snapchat saw the rapper, sponge in hand, repping his bathtime playlist on Apple Music. He sings “Self Control” as well as Lil Uzi’s ‘Do What I Want”.

“Enjoy a bath once in a while. I made this playlist. Get in the tub, press shuffle and treat yourself,” he tweeted

Alongside the track from Ocean’s Blonde, cuts by Solange, D.R.A.M, Bon Iver and more make an appearance on the list, titled “Yup”. Chance’s “Summer Friends” and a cover of his tune “Same Drugs” by the MisterWives are additional selections.

Take your self-care to the next level with the playlist below.