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Photograph by Hiromix

Kitsune Essentials

Gildas and Masaya gear up to unleash the seventh Kitsune Maison compilation and answer our quickfire questions.

Kitsune has been taking Paris and the world by storm providing us with the most innovative tunes and the smartest clothes. The secret touch of Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki, the Franco Japanese creative duo behind the label, is a smart mix of avant-garde and tradition: the music is always ahead of the game and the clothes are updates of basic pieces. One way or the other they constantly manage to set new standards either by creating new ones or updating established ones.

Kitsune Maison compilations have been gathering hot bands and artists for years. It’s the result of the guys’ constant look out for new talents whatever genre it may be as long as the sound is relevant. The latest one is Kitsune Maison 7 - the lucky one, it features fresh artists like La Roux, The Golden Filter and Chateau Marmont but also more established ones like Phoenix and their single ‘Lisztomania’ revisited by classixx.  One very special CD also contains a “golden ticket” that will give one lucky customer a year of free music form the label! Nice.

Roast chicken or sushi?
Gildas: Roast chicken problably cause I'm French
Masaya: Sushi, probably because I'm a Japanese

Taroya or Ladurée ?
Gildas: Ladurée just open in Tokyo for those who cares
Masaya: Oh oui! Ladurée monsieur!

Round neck or V neck ?
Gildas: Round neck winter / V neck summer
Masaya: I wear my oxford shirts almost everyday in the year, so I choose the V-neck

Lucky Charms or Kellogs corn flakes?
Gildas: Who eats that?
Masaya: Lucky Charms, it reminds me of so many things..

Life is boring or life is a bitch?
Gildas: Life isn't boring, people are lying
Masaya: Is that a song?!

Novelty or tradition?
Gildas: Tradition
Masaya: Tradition, it sounds more elegant

Pierre Hardy or Francoise Hardy?
Gildas: Pierre Hardy, I'm not into astrology
Masaya: Pierre Hardy because of the Pierre Hardy x Kitsune series shoes

Pogo or slow dancing?
Gildas: Pogo
Masaya: Pogo, I never had a chance to dance a slow..

Red fox or silver fox?
Gildas: Golden Fox from Golden Filter
Masaya: Red fox

Lucky Star or Sailor Moon?
Gildas: Cat's eye
Masaya: Lucky Star

Horseshoe or four leaf clover?
Gildas: Horseshoe
Masaya: Four leaf clover

Michel Vaillant or Hello Kitty?
Gildas: Wouah nothing in the middle ?
Masaya: uuuuh....

Today or Tomorrow?
Gildas: Tomorrow
Masaya: Tomorrow we never know!?

NYC or LA?
Gildas: NYC
Masaya: NYC I like buildings, cold and coffee

Guns or bombs?
Gildas: Peace or love
Masaya: Guns, I grew up watching cowboy show on TV

House music or italo disco?
Gildas: Electro disco
Masaya: Italo disco

Dance battle or fistfight?
Gildas: Dance battle
Masaya: Fistfight because I'm so bad in dancing

Thelma or Louise?
Gildas: They are always together, they even die together at the end
Masaya: Thelma is so Hot

Listening or touching?
Gildas: Listening
Masaya: Listening because my hands are already on my laptop

13 or 4?
Gildas: 04/04 my birthday
Masaya: 13, the age I moved to Paris from Tokyo

Kitsune Maison 7 is out June 1 and Kitsune party at the Scala is on June 20 with Aeroplane / Autokratz -live / Chew Lips -live / Delphic - live / We Have Band - live / Inflagranti - live / Beni / Gildas & Masaya / Jerry Bouthier / Streetlife DJs / Young & Lost club DJ's
8pm-4.30am Bands on stage 9pm
Saturday, June 20 at 8:00 PM
Tickets £12.00-£14.50