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Jonathan Boulet: One Hand Clapping

"When man first pounded a rhythm on a stone wall, there was another cave man who figured out how to play chords. The chords man was that nights dinner."

When you listen to Jonathan Boulet self title debut album you can almost hear the ocean and smell the campfire, not in a lame way because it’s fresh and makes you believe anything is possible. Who would have thought that the 20 year old Australian’s first love was aggressive bands like Converge? Now that he tamed his teenage angst down, he shares his raw emotions with epic folk pop songs. Jonathan wrote, recorded, produced and played most of the instruments in his garage, including coconut shells, drawers, doors and a half size guitar among other creative inputs. Along with the startling vocals and catchy percussions, the overall DIY factor makes his music very human and vulnerable, a mix between an acoustic Animal Collective and a happier Yessayer. This is the soundtrack to your summer, the one you want to remember for ever.

Manly or Bondi?
Bondi for sure. A beach is merely a beach, but when there’s a massive bowl and skate park on it, then it’s a paradise.

Skateboard or guitar?
Skateboard. But only because I am better at skating than I am with a guitar. Which mean’s I’m not very good at skating.

Elle MacPherson or Natalie Imbruglia?
Elle. How old is she? It doesn’t matter. Plus Natalie has already done the whole, ‘dating a musician’ thing, and look how that turned out.

Water or fire?
Fire. Who ever played with water as a kid and got told off by their parents about it. There must be something superior about fire that my parents aren’t telling me.

Meat pie or sausage pie?
Meat pie, no wait, Sausage, no wait, this is a trick question; they are filled with the same crap. I’m not fussed as long as it’s hot and covered in tomato sauce.

Midnight Juggernauts or Van She?
Midnight Juggernauts. Those guys have a big fat sound, very cool. Is it me or is straight up indie becoming less and less exciting?

The Dillinger Escape Plan or Cave In?
Dillinger Escape Plan! No one can shred as fast and as hard as Dillinger Escape Plan. NO ONE!

Drums or chords?
Drums. When man first pounded a rhythm on a stone wall, there was another cave man who figured out how to play chords. The chords man was that nights dinner.

Jelly fish or spider?
Spider. Although I’ve never been bitten or stung by either, I have heard someone compare a jelly fish sting to giving birth but x10……….no thanks.

iPhone or Blackberry?
I think I’m still in the stone age, using my computer to email people. So I guess I’d go iPhone. But I don't have one and dont intend on getting one, it seems like they break when hit by a light gust of wind.

Kylie or Dannii?
Kylie is starting to get old, but she does have more money………so, Dannii.

Trash Talk or Ceremony?
Trash Talk. Because when Ceremony came out, me and my friends thought it would be a good idea to get some food while the band before Ceremony played. When we got back, it turned out the band we thought was on pulled out and we had completely missed Ceremony’s set. Bad memories.
Also I have not seen a wilder show than that of Trash Talks. The dude would not stop flipping into the crowd, amazing.

North or South East?
North. Is there a South East pole ? I think not.

Ready or not?
Not. A bit of on the spot pressure is good for you. Unless, of course, you have a heart condition.

The Temper Trap or Bird Automatic?
Temper Trap. When I first saw them, no knowing who it was, I quite enjoyed myself. Plus you already know how I feel about ‘that’ kind of indie music. (question  6.)

Daylight or moonlight?
Daylight because I am rarely woken up by drunken idiots at 3 in the morning, yelling to the community, ‘Wake up ! and live !’

Skate bowl or skate park?
Bowl. If you have a skate park you get all the street skaters, no one wants to see you kickflip the funbox in your super extra baggy pants. Bowls are where skaters can find their own style, instead of being a sheep.

Helping the elderly or cleaning roadsides?
Helping the elderly. The elderly have the craziest stories. My grandpa was telling me about how he used to organize supply dropoffs during the war. And that sometimes the cargo would be too heavy for the parachute attached to it, which resulted in cargo exploding around the troops as it fell from the sky.

Truth or dare?
Dare. Who cares about the truth when you can watch someone seriously injure themselves.

Jonathan Boulet self titled LP is available on iTunes.
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