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Little Boots New in Town

Dazed Digital get an exclusive behind the scenes video of the making of Little Boots' video for new single New in Town.

Most people who read newspapers and magazines know of her, but far from everyone have actually heard a Little Boots song. That might make her a victim of today’s media hype machine, but luckily Victoria Hesketh, as her mum still calls her, isn’t a fatal victim; her music is too good and her charisma too strong. "I just love good songs with great choruses and beautiful melodies!," is her music mission. The odd EP has trickled out, and any self-respecting hardcore fan already knows all her lyrics, but New in Town is her first proper single and a taster of what Hands, her debut album due out in June, will sound like. Paired up with a smashing video, directed by Jake Nava of Beyoncé, Britney and Leona fame, New in Town is set to storm the charts and Dazed Digital got a quick chat with Little Boots herself on a forever fading mobile phone connection, as she headed back to London from promotional duties in Paris.

Dazed Digital: You started playing the piano aged four – are you a natural born performer?
Little Boots: I guess so. I don’t know where it came from; it just felt good so I kept on doing it. But I’m not from a musical family at all – my dad is tone deaf!

DD: Then, aged 16, you went on Pop Idol. How was that?
Little Boots: It was a good experience because I realised more about myself and what kind of music I wanted to make. Those kind of shows gives you a thick skin because you have to learn to live with setbacks.

DD: Are you happy you didn’t win?
Little Boots: Oh my God, yes! That was the best thing about it!

DD: You love doing covers - why is that?
Little Boots: It started as a joke, but the fans love it so now I do it for them. I take requests on my MySpace page. But it will also make me a better songwriter, because I have to take them apart and deconstruct the songs before I cover them.

DD: New in Town is about being somewhere unknown and you’ve said before that many of your songs are about outsiders – is that how you feel?
Little Boots: Yeah, it’s about being a stranger in a new situation. I wrote it when I was in Los Angeles on my own, feeling isolated.  I went to bars and got drunk with strangers. But it’s also about the dangerous side to it, and the excitement!

DD: Tell us about the video
Little Boots: It’s set in Los Angeles, but not Hollywood, more downtown LA. There’s a lot of choreographed dancing and it’s supposed to feature society’s underbelly, like tramps, homeless people and gangs.

DD: What was it like working with Jake Nava?
Little Boots: He’s great. He didn’t have to do this video, he’s established and massive, but I think he just wanted to do something different.

DD: Why is New in Town the first single of Hands?
Little Boots: I think it’s a good introduction to the album, which is very colourful. But this is a good song to listen to for people who have never heard of Little Boots before.
Dazed also spoke to Nava and got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video.

DD: What was the idea behind the video?
Jake Nava: When I first spoke to Little Boots, she said the song was inspired by an unplanned  night out in LA, where she saw stuff she did not expect. I liked the idea of the less chronicled side of LA life being seen in this English girl's video. So I suggested the hobo, gang, dogging dance idea. It's like a ironic expose of some unspoken reality  that’s bubbling just below the glitz of Tinseltown: homeless crazies, racially segregated gangs and illicit sex - the underbelly of Hollywood.

DD: I like how you mixed urban kids and really old fashioned choreography. Do old school musicals inspire you and which ones are your favourites?
Jake Nava: I was inspired by character motivated choreography in movies like Rocky Horror, Bugsy Malone, West Side Story and the way Bob Fosse always used  dance to tell a story. The top shot of the hobo  shopping criss-crossing  is a reference to Busby Berkeleys shots.

DD: How does Little Boots compare with other big name pop stars you've worked with?
Jake Nava: Little Boots has a fresh and confidently individual approach to her music and image, so I was able to evolve the conventions of what is expected a touch more then with a more  straight up act. In a way we ended up with a video that is more mainstream then most and more underground then most, all at the same time.

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New in Town is out 25 May and Hands is out 1 June 2009. More info on