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Count & Sinden

The London remix masters talk to Dazed about staying relevant, being taken seriously and working hard at being really fucking good.

It's been a face paced year since 'Hit me on my beeper' assaulted the dance floor, propelling Count & Sinden nee Herve and Sinden referred to here on in as Josh Harvey and Graeme Sinden to pop chart status, opening the door to umpteen remixes, extensive worldwide DJ tours and an impressive array of industry link ups. They take a break from working hard to discuss with Dazed the dire state of the internet and the importance of staying relevant versus making money.

Dazed Digital: There is a lot written about your current sound, talk to us about your early musical inspirations…
Josh Harvey: Jean Genie, David Bowie, my dad was into all kind of music from punk, Crass, to O Superman by Laurie Anderson. Blues and folk were his roots, however he was always engaged with pop music.
Graeme Sinden: Musical Youth, Pass the Dutchie, didn’t they all end up as crack heads? My parents music taste is really bad.
Josh Harvey: Mine isn't, my mum loves The Cocteau Twins and I had lots of brothers so we used to listen to all kinds of music, my gran used to play piano and my grandfather played violin.

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to make dance music?
Josh Harvey: I didn't do music at school; I chose to play drums and piano when I was nine because I was curious. After leaving university I vowed I would never get a normal job again, I’m just going to take whatever comes and roll with it.

Dazed Digital: What did you do before you found your following?
Josh Harvey: I had really shit jobs; I was incapable of taking any real responsibility so you're stuck with shop work and working in a warehouse.
Graeme Sinden: I’ve done telesales, pizza delivery, that's when I was a student I was just funding my course. I was working in a clothing shop when I got my break.
Josh Harvey: it's tough when your dream is to do music for a living because no one takes you seriously until you actually achieve it.

Dazed Digital: Is there a shelf life with being a DJ or producer?
Josh Harvey:  It’s difficult to say - look at Brian Eno on a producer tip, Pete Tong or Carl Cox, they are all in their 50’s
Graeme Sinden: look at Westwood, he's 50 plus and he's still doing it.

Dazed Digital: How important is it to be relevant?
Josh Harvey: I’ve made lots of friends with people that happened in the 90’s and they say – you’re that hot thing that gets remixes! They don't get remixes but they'll go to America, Australia, Japan and they are fine, there just not right on, they'll keep doing albums as there is still a market for them.  At the moment we are in the eye of the storm, we get the work, I want to stay there, at the point where we are interested in new music and we keep spinning people heads 360. We’ve been called 'up and coming' or the 'hot new thing' for the last three years and we are still doing it because we fucking try hard and we listen, we observe not just throwing shit out there?

Dazed Digital: How do you manage to stay on top?
Graeme Sinden: By being aware of all media, immersing ourselves in music, you travel to some mad country and hear new music, by going places meeting people getting hooked up.
Josh Harvey: You make friends, especially G and Martello my flat mate who was Santogold’s tour DJ, now a big DJ on his own, they introduce you to new sounds.

Dazed Digital: Do you think the time has passed to make serious money in music?
Josh Harvey: Personally I think its totally attainable, all these idiots that protest about pirate bay being shut down, pedal a selfish desire to get shit for free, which generates a total lack of respect of the money, time and effort people have put into tracks. I mean, who do you think is going to pay for it?

Dazed Digital: What do you think about bands giving their music away for free?
Graeme Sinden: It didn't really work for Radiohead did it.
Josh Harvey: You're just becoming a bitch to the internet if you do that. You should make a brilliant album that people want to seek out, just be fucking good that’s what I say.
Graeme Sinden: I’m a nerd I love having CD's for me it’s all about the product.
Josh Harvey: To me it’s like saying - I like your music but I don't like it enough to pay for it. I think people should learn to appreciate what you’re trying to do.

The Count & Sinden's debut album is due out on Domino Records in autumn 2009.
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