Band of the Week: Deradoorian

The Dirty Projectors’ singer and multi-instrumentalist Angel Deradoorian goes solo.

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After becoming infatuated with her debut EP Mind Rafts, Dazed Digital requested an audience with Deradoorian, New York’s premier purveyor of fractured and ghostly folk-soul. She took some time out from gigging and playing bass for the Dirty Projectors to answer our questions. “Life rules,” she tells us…
Dazed Digital: There’s a very dark and haunting feel to much of your work. Do you think you’re predisposed to write in this style?
Deradoorian: There are certain chords, notes and progressions that sound ‘right’ for me to play, so that might involve an element of predisposed darkness, but I think if I were conscious of not wanting that in a song, I would be able to eliminate it. I don't mind summoning the dark powers every once in a while.
DD: Your music evokes strong imagery. How important is the presentation and visual side of Deradoorian?
Deradoorian: It’s important; I'm also a visual artist, so it's exciting for me to think of how to incorporate both music and art into its own little entity. I hope to be making more art in general and have that be as important a part of my life as the music.
DD: You play multiple instruments. Which do you find best for writing?
Deradoorian: Actually, I don't really like writing on any instruments, although I have to and it's usually guitar. Right now, I think the most fun way for me to start a song is by working out the vocal arrangements.
DD: Both of your parents are musicians.  Do you think they have noticeably influenced your music?
Deradoorian: To me, my parents are more than just musicians; they are creators, painters and lovers of beauty. I think more than anything, their visual artwork has had an effect on my music. I can see some of their styles fused together as an abstract artistic sidekick to some of the jams I make. They're a psychedelic duo.
DD: Your label Lovepump United has released some great splits (HEALTH/Crystal Castles, AIDS Wolf/PRE etc). Is there anyone in particular you’d like to release one with?
Deradoorian: I want to do a split with Clipd Beaks of Oakland CA. I don't know what kind of split it’ll be exactly, but I don't want it to be in the traditional sense of one song each on either side; perhaps something more collaborative.
DD: When can we expect an LP?
Deradoorian: Seeing as how I'm slower than a turtle when it comes to making songs, it'll probably get done in about 13 years. One day, one day.
DD: What are your hopes for Deradoorian in the near future?
Deradoorian: Ultimately, I'd like to be the supporting act on a Prince tour. I think this is VERY possible. Man, Prince is the jam!
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