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Photography by Matt McNeill. Black Peter Group

Tignes Fest 2009

The free music fest in France curated by Kissy Sell Out and Eddy Temple Morris lives up to expectations.

With thoughts of Ibiza’s San Antonio on ice, pushed to the back of my mind, I boarded a pleasantly short flight along with some of the artists booked for Tignes Fest’ 09, Danimal Kingdom, Jackbeats and Kissy Sell Out were amongst the UK exports to the high French Alpine skyline. On arrival we are soon to be joined by the rest of the UK based artistes. Hand picked by Kissy Sell Out (Radio 1, Prodigy Tour DJ, Moon-Boot wearer) and Eddy Temple Morris (Mash-Up’s man on XFM)

The new acts were bundled together on a 24 hr ride on a tour bus with dubious toilet facilities. I have my suspicion this was orchestrated for the pure purpose of team building. Actually Tignes Fest has a whiff of motivational team building, but with all the nasty corporate niceties stripped and replaced by a team leader who hands out drink tokens for Jaeger Bombs. Eddy Temple Morris along with the creators of Tignes Fest seem to thrive on the most admirable basis of an idea for a festival, the hope of people meeting getting along and possibly collaborating. “The Shoes and Primary 1, met at our first ever Tignes last year and this month are releasing a joint single together after the friendship was made within these magic mountains and I have already heard mutterings of some pretty special collabs from this years recruits ”

For a festival that has no main branded sponsorship, works off a free entry basis for those clever enough to make the trek, and showcases an admirable line up, hats must be taken firmly off, at least until your bald patch gets too cold from the blizzard heading resort bound. Highlights for me were...

Alma Nofear, the Swedish but London based singer who enchanted all with a softly spoken voice that explained she was performing in her pyjamas; although the cold didn’t seem to effect the folky-plucker (Careful) as her heavy Swedish accent meandered the falling snow.

The rest of the acts seemed to be in a slightly different vein to Alma. Spotting who had made the choices between Kissy and Eddy was futile as all seemed fodder for ‘banging remixes’

Livening up the spot and making me feel quite awkward about the combination of homely comforting mulled wine and the gay-hip-hop-electro assault I was being confronted with, was Black Peter Group. The New York, Dalston based couple who are not black and I don’t think either of them is a Peter. These guys had turned the much needed heat up before the indoor venues quite rightly filled out to Jackbeats’s Benny G  and later Kissy Sell Out himself.

Danimal Kingdom is the new project from Dan M (Kissy’s Live vocalist) and was actually the first ever gig from the boy-girl-boy set up, and with instantly familiar songs such as Girl-Boy-Girl I found myself delve deeper in to the crowd so close that I could see my reflection in their snow queen-like mirrored costumes.

Frankmusic, now Frankie frankly seems to be getting a little bit too many column inches right now due to massive marketing campaigns and quite possibly some talent, so I’m not going to bore you with more here, only to say that at the authentic White Wedding closing party (which incidentally was a beautiful affair complete with cocktail sausages and fights on the dance floor) Frank AKA Vince made a real effort to play my usual Wedding DJ request of ELO and was not phased when a Bee Gees classic blared out instead “I love ELO” He yelled back at me. Oh well ‘Night Fever’ will do.
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