Watch a dweeby teen Drake improv badly

A newly unearthed video shows that Canadian rapper really did start from the bottom

Drake might be one of the most famous and most documented celebrities of our time, but the internet still has an incredible ability to dig up bizarre footage from his past. Yesterday a video surfaced from the Canadian rapper’s teenage years doing some truly dreadful improv at a comedy club.

Despite being uploaded a few months ago, the video only recently picked up popularity after being uploaded to the Kanye To The forum, as Complex report. It presumably dates to around the time (or just before) he landed a role on high school drama Degrassi: The Next Generation, and depicts Drake alongside his female counterpart performing at the Rivoli club in Toronto. In it, he cracks some pretty questionable gay jokes, dances badly, and freestyles over some rinky piano. It’s pretty cringy, but much like any of the goofy things Drake does, it’s also oddly endearing.

Drake was recently heard dropping three new songs, including a song with Gucci Mane and a Justin Bieber remix of “One Dance”.

Watch the video above.