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Photography by Jeremy Williams.

Au Revoir Simone Says Hello to Independence

The Brooklyn trio got it alone with their second album Still Night, Still Light.

Heather, Erika, and Annie, three leggy girls from Brooklyn, NY initially wanted to name their band triple keyboard action but instead went for the mysterious option Au Revoir Simone. They are now releasing their second album Still Night, Still Light under their own label Our Secret Record Company. With this album the girls prove that they are still sweet and romantic but their sound is much darker than it used to be on The Bird of Music, as if they had been hit by reality. They remain the most charming all-girl bands ever but they are now showing a slightly sombre side and it’s pretty intriguing.
To sum it all up we had a crush on them at dawn, danced all day and fell in love at dusk. 

Friends or lovers?
Heather: Lovers.
Annie: Frovers  

Spring or autumn?
Heather: Autumn.
Annie: Spring
Erika: Spring (it's my middle name actually!)

Night or knight?
Heather: Definitely Knight.
Annie: Night
Erika: Night

Images or sounds?
Au Revoir Simone: Images.

Legs or hair?
Heather: Legs. All hair looks good when paired with nice legs.
Annie: Hair.  
Erika: Legs

Friday night or Sunday morning?
Au Revoir Simone: Sunday morning.

Say or do?
Au Revoir Simone: Do.

Lace or nylon?
Heather: Lace.
Annie: Ewww...No contest! Lace.
Erika: Lace

Simone de Beauvoir or Simone Signoret?
Heather: Simone de Beauvoir
Annie: Au Revoir, Simone
Erika: Simone de Beauvoir

Rhymes or harmonies?
Heather: Harmonies!
Annie: Rhymes!
Erika: Harmonies.

Electronica or synthpop?
Heather: Synthpop, obviously. 
Annie: Yeah. Totes.

Lucky or unlucky?
Heather: So lucky. 
Annie: So so lucky.  

Beacon’s Closet or out of the closet?
Heather: Out of the closet.
Annie: Out of the freakin' Beacon's closet.
Erika: Out of the closet.

Greenpoint or Brooklyn Heights?
Au Revoir Simone: Greenpoint

Lost highways or Mulholland Drive?
Au Revoir Simone: Mulholland Drive

Dreams or reality?
Heather: Depends, but today, reality.
Annie: Yeah, I get them confused a lot so I'll just say dreams.
Erika: Dreams.

City lights or misty forest?
Heather: Misty forest. 
Annie: City Lights.
Erika: Misty forest.

All or nothing?
Au Revoir Simone: All!

Still Night, Still Light is available from 19th May on Our Secret Record Company.  The band will be playing at Bush Hall, London on 6th May.
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