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david bowie the image
A still from The Image (1967)via Wall Street Journal

Watch David Bowie’s X-rated film debut from 1967

The creepy short has been shared by director Michael Armstrong, after being kept offline for years

The surprises just keep on coming. Despite his tragic death at the start of this year, David Bowie’s spirit is sparkling on: manifesting itself randomly through tattoos, tributes, and star constellations. The latest resurgence is in The Image: a 1967 horror short which also doubles up as the icon’s first ever film appearance. After years of being kept offline by director Michael Armstrong, the 14-minute debut has now been uncovered by the Wall Street Journal – giving fans the chance to see 20-year-old Bowie step in front of the lens for the first time.

The short follows a young artist, played by Michael Byrne, whose portrait (Bowie) suddenly comes to life. Despite trying to kill the apparition multiple times, he keeps returning to haunt him – driving him mad in the process. “It got an X-certificate,” Armstrong revealed to the WSJ. “I think it was the first short that got an X-certificate. For its violence, which in itself was extraordinary.” He went on to describe Bowie as “pretty” and “flirtatious” but admitted that he was only paid “around 10 quid a day” for the role.

Watch the full film below.