Southern Records

Download an exclusive mix from London experimental label Southern Records.

Chrome Hoof - Pronoid (from the album Pre-Emptive False Rapture, out now)
The Paper Chase - The Kids Will Grow Up To Be Assholes (from the album Now You Are One Of Us, out now)
Bellafea - Depart (I Never Knew You) (from the album Cavalcade, out in August)
Dianogah - a breaks b (from the album qhnnnl, out in June)
Racebannon - Sister Fucker (from the album Acid or Blood, out in June)
Mothlite - The One In Water (from the album The Fax of Reverie, out in May)
PW Long - Nogales Rose (from the album God Bless the Drunkard's Dog, out 7th April)
The Owl Service - Katie Cruel (from the album A Garland of Song, out in May)
Asva - A Trap For Judges (from the album What You Don't Know Is Frontier, out 5th May)

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