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Alexander Nut Rinses It Out

The new instalment of Rinse FM’s mixtape series looks to the future of hip hop. Alexander Nut guides us through it.

From 1 to 3pm every Saturday afternoon Alexander Nut commands Rinse FM with his Mixed Nuts show. To put it simply, he showcases the best of the future sounds of hip hop. His recent CD Rinse: 08 is a good mirror of the depth and wide breadth of beats on his show. Soulful, low end seismic b-lines from Hudson Mohawke to Joker and Rustie, Flying Lotus to Black Pocket, Pinch and Bullion. Go cop it now. And can’t stop, won’t stop Alex has just launched his Eglo record label with the cosmic soul dude Sam Sheperd aka Floating Point (stream two of their tracks below). Download "Madsudasante Naima" by another Eglo signing Shuanise here.

Dazed Digital: Can you introduce your Rinse show?
Alexander Nut: It’s all about the music, the music does the talking. You’ll hear there ain’t no rules, no restrictions. I’m a hip hop kid with broad tastes and a fetish for low frequencies. I like to push my natural environment and surroundings, it’s a pretty honest reflection of what is going on with me and my peers. At the same time it’s a universal thing and showcases the sounds of like minded folk from around the globe and other planets.

DD: We recently interviewed Sarah from Rinse for Dazed and she chatted about the importance of the station, and yeah, there is no other station like it.
Alexander Nut: Rinse is the truth. Nothing more nothing less. You want to hear what is really going on with young people? Tune into rinse. It’s a rebel station that is dedicated to moving the music world forward, instead of backward or in a choke hold like other radio stations. Real music and culture for real folk. It ain’t Kidulthood, it’s very positive. I have the uttermost respect for Sarah and G, they’re inspirations, as is Rinse.

DD: The new beats scene – it’s just next gen hip hop, right?
Alexander Nut: I don’t think there is a new beats scene. I like songs and sounds. We’re just going through another phase, it was great to see and hear a new generation of producers making an exciting new style of hip hop, but things have to move forward and progress. We can’t have a load of 18 bar loops being shared around forever. It’s what then happens with those sounds and styles that matters.

DD: Okay, so you’re not a wonked-out, Cake eating, Ketamine freak, like Simon Reynolds suggests?
Alexander Nut: That article is awful, what a load of crap. It says a lot about music journalism and theorists. They’re wrong. Rinse is right.

DD: What do you feel is the thread that links all the tracks on your Rinse 08 CD? It’s pretty diverse, from Black Pocket to 2tall to Joker and Rustie – yet it’s a worldwide network.
Alexander Nut: Yeah man, there’s a major connection going on between minds and it’s beautiful to see. I’m really happy. We’ve entered a new time in culture. It’s a combination of history, technology, communication and certain social and cultural factors. The west has become one big ghetto, and this is how people are reacting to it. Breaking traditions and rules, it’s good to see. I hope it filters through into our consciousness on many other levels. If we acted in a similar way to how these drums are being programmed and how progressive the styles are, maybe the world would begin to advance. It’s all soulful, and it’s all hip hop to me.

DD: What’s the story with Eglo?
Alexander Nut: Eglo is label that me and Floating Points have set up. It’s going really well and we’ve only just started. I can see it growing into a strong and brilliant project. I don’t want to say too much as there is so much to come. It’s very family orientated, at the moment it consists of Floating Points, Fatima, Shuanise, myself and a few other acts I can’t yet reveal. We just love music and want to share it with the world. At the same time it’s a business and in a way its also quite political. We’re putting out a lot of hip hop, soul, house and whatever else we feel is exciting and good.

DD: Whatever the major vibe of the world… weirdly, it seems the best time to launch a new label. Do. It. Yourself.
Alexander Nut: Definitely. I have two businesses at the moment and I feel more secure that way. I may not be making much money right now, but I’m happy doing work I am passionate about. No one can lay me off, I am in control of my own destiny. I work hard and I have faith. The world has been a greedy place for far too long and as a result it has crashed. I’m not against capitalism. However I am against exploitation, slavery and lies. There have been too many fake motherfuckers in control for far too long. It’s time for the people to take charge.

DD: What’s in your heavyweight crate at the moment?
Alexander Nut: Dam Funk “Hood Pass Intact”, Andre 3000 “Banana Zoo”, which is actually pretty old, but I love it and 2000f and J Kamata “You Don't Know What Love Is”.

DD: So the beats are definitely back?
Alexander Nut: Nothing is back. I’m all about moving forwards.
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