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Dazed Digital Exclusive: Chew Lips’ ‘Solo’ debut

2009’s buzz band premiere their new video exclusively for Dazed Digital.

The Dow Jones index may be oscillating wildly but placing your bets on South London trio, Chew Lips becoming one of 2009’s breakout hits seems a pretty sure thing. Since being featured in Dazed last year, they’ve gone on to grace countless magazines as well as gaining a fearsome live reputation for their electro-pop racket, often replete with acrobatics from frontwoman, Tigs. Ahead of the single release of ‘Solo’ on March 23 on Kitsune, they premiere the video for their catchy-as-Ebola-virus anthem exclusively here on Dazed Digital as we get the lowdown from Tigs.

Dazed Digital: How have your lives changed since appearing in Dazed?
Tigs: Everything changed. Nothing has been the same. I woke up the next morning wearing gold plated diapers. Unfortunately I’d already soiled them. We owe it all to you. When can we meet again so I can truly thank you?

DD: Tigs, how does it feel to be an electro-pop alterna babe?
Tigs: Sometimes I look in the mirror and think O GOD FUCK ME and then just have to make out with my reflection. It really messes up my lipstick, but God it’s worth it. The other day I got jealous of myself and punched myself in the tit during a catfight. It’s a heavy burden. Seriously though?  Tee hee hee hee

DD: What was the idea behind the video?
Tigs: We wanted to make a lo-fi (read: cheap) video where we ran around a cool location - an abandoned communist theme park in Berlin - and dressed up in suits and had a tea party in the snow. It means nothing. I can’t lie to you. Oh no, not to you.

DD: What are your plans for world domination this year?
Tigs: We are the ingredients in the Chew Lips cake. It’s in the oven. It is rising! You will drink it with tea. YOU WILL SHUN BISCUITS! Eat the cake. The cake…

Single "Solo" out now on Kitsune.

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