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Shamir in "In for the kill"via YouTube

Music videos of the month

Shamir pilots a UFO, Miley Cyrus gets gooey, and Mykki Blanco unleashes a nightmare in our monthly round-up


You can always count on Shamir's videos to be fun, whether he’s hanging out with furry puppets, or making a globe explode into Barbie-pink powder. In his latest multi-coloured visual oddity, the Las Vegas eccentric becomes the pilot of a UFO, cruising through the sky like a huge, silver-painted balloon, and causing havoc on the land below him.


Atlanta’s eccentric-in-chief Young Thug shows us that he is his own best friend in this off-the-wall clip that sees him take on the role of his butler, his girlfriend and, right at the end, his dinner plate. It’s also worth watching for his slew of fresh outfits, from that patent leather peach-tinged suit to those Givenchy Air Forces – YT always looks on-point.


This 15-minute, Jesse Kanda-directed visual from Arca and Hood By Air label boss Shayne Oliver (AKA ‘Wench’) is mind-blowing. In it, explosions are played back and forth in slow motion so they take on an almost otherworldly, hypnotic power and at one point, what looks like a lorry shattering into grey debris turns out to be a flock of flying birds. And yes, that is Cher, t.A.T.u and Fatboy Slim you hear cut, spliced and stuck all over this track. 


Colombian hip-pop princess Kali Uchis owns being a loner in this gorgeously dreamy, neon-coated video, which premiered on Dazed. “I wanted this music video to portray a strong sense of being grown, content alone and feeling yourself,” she told us. “I was inspired by mermaids, call-girls, the actress Mia Farrow, the film Scarface and the director Quentin Tarantino.”


“He never knew what I was made of,” sings Dutch artist Sevdaliza, her voice floating over a surreal, 3D image of a glistening, CGI cyborg sitting on a crystal-covered throne. The immersive, Pussykrew-directed clip was made from scan technology usually reserved for medical uses, so no wonder it’s incredible.


Torture, demons and destruction are stitched over dark, crackling beats and slices of noise in this 11-minute assault on the senses from Mykki Blanco’s disruptive new gang, all artists from his new Dogfood record label. In Mykki’s own words, the imprint is “unafraid to take over ‘white spaces’ and decontextualize them to create our own environments, our own safe spaces, our own visibility within the unavoidable supremacist patriarchy that is western civilization”.

LE1F – "KOI"

Brooklyn’s club-rap king Le1f enjoys a casual day at the beach with some giant goggly eyes, flying tropical fish and serious jungle voguing in the bizarre-but-brilliant video for "Koi". On a side note, the SOPHIE-produced track is a banger, which is why we’ve included it in our September playlist. Best listened with the bass cranked up full volume.

TINK – "L.E.A.S.H."

Tink goes hard in this Timbaland-produced strip club anthem that sees the rapper throw wads of cash and dance in a Tommy Hilfiger bra and baseball jacket. Is it bad that we kinda want her to throw wads of cash at us? Also, watch right to the end to the see the whole thing slow down into an Aaliyah-style jam.


We’re not entirely sure what is supposed to be happening in this trippy, homemade vid from Miley Cyrus, but it’s hard to deny that watching the pop provocateur rub glitter, multi-coloured sprinkles and various gels all over her face is kind of hypnotic. The clip fits somewhere between a euphemism and what happens when you squeeze a glitter glue pen too hard.


Houston rapper Travis Scott gets freaky at an abandoned fairground in this atmospheric visual for auto-tune jam “Antidote”, which sees him surrounded by drummers, clowns and twerking, neon-clad partygoers. As for his get-up, he’s absolutely drowning in early-00s Raf Simmons archive pieces, which makes us love him that little bit more.