Ladytron Return With Velocifero

Reuben Wu talks about touring the UK.

On June 2nd, excellent Liverpool electro-pop quartet Ladytron return with their fourth album Velocifero, but before that they're playing five dates across the UK. I spoke to keyboardist Reuben Wu.

Dazed Digital: Why did you choose to cover "Kletva", a song from a 1970s children's film?
Reuben Wu: 
[Vocalist] Mira [Aroyo] introduced that song to us - I think it's a beautiful track. Probably the only major key song we have ever played! It's an old Bulgarian song that is quite popular in Mira's home country

DD: Are there any other specific influences or themes we should be listening out for on the new album?
Nothing specific in terms of influences, although I was listening to a lot Goblin and Pink Floyd while we were working on demos.

DD: You worked with Vicarious Bliss on the album. How much affinity do you feel with the Paris electro scene?
It's nice to hear dance music which is dirty and has texture. It was obvious that something like this was going to happen, branching out from Daft Punk and all that. Electronics plus overdrive equals great. I also really like the way Justice can display their Christianity so openly.

DD: How did you get together withAssume Vivid Astrofocus, who created the album artwork and suggested the title?
RW: Eli Sudbrack came to Liverpool to do an installation in the Tate Gallery, an amazing roomful of psychedelic colour. It reminds me of a high definition version of Kandinsky. He asked us to play a short set inside the installation. It was amazing, with a real sixties vibe to it. The bass from the keyboards caused some ducting to fall onto one of the audience though. Blood everywhere. He was okay.

DD: What's your stage show going to be like on this tour?
Better than last time. We have some new toys to play with!

DD: A few years ago you DJed at my student union. Bookings like that must be weird change from touring the world?
RW: No, I love it all, bring it on..