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ADI press shot
Photography by Noa Flecker

Five songs that help ADI express herself

What’s the future of pop? The rainbow-haired singer and producer traces her inspirations

Tel Aviv’s electro pop/rap artist ADI has been creating fresh forms since 2007. With a production style that glows as brightly as her barnet (which morphs from candyfloss to cerulean), her style has evolved from cheeky hip-pop to her own Soundcloud twists on Drake. On her upcoming EP Raw, her sometimes-sanguine sound is swapped out for a deeper, darker sensibility. Working with Telekom Music Talent Space (TMTS) – an international support program for next generation musicians – it’s an evolution that she says, honestly, is more ‘her’. ADI was chosen by TMTS, next to the bands Poolside and Fé, to receive personalized support, and together with the TMTS experts, she focused on her upcoming live shows and developing her artistic style. “The last year and a half I just grew up so much and understand who I am as an artist,” ADI explains. “I’m still figuring it out, but I guess it never ends.” Here, she chooses five tracks that inspire her to push her music into bold new directions.


“This is what future pop should sound like. dreamy, deep, warm and with the perfect sound. Alina’s voice is fucking breathtaking, and Galimatias’ producing skills are just unbelievable.”


“This is what they play when you get to heaven. There’s so much movement and air in it... it’s so chilled and relaxed. I just imagine myself on the beach drinking coconut water when I listen to this.”


“This dude was born on 1997, and I can proudly say that he’s by far my favourite producer ever. I find his music so inspiring, so forward-thinking, so fresh. I feel like he has that perfect understanding of combining danceable beats with deep, unique melodies. He always combines lots of ethnic elements and I just love it. Mark my words: a year from now, he’s gonna be huge.”


“I saw Kelela play live in London a few months ago, and I didn’t really know what to expect but the show was even better than the recorded tracks. Everybody got hypnotised when she opened her mouth. This track is one of my favourites, with Tink, an amazing singer and rapper that started releasing music with Timbaland lately.”  


“I always go back to this song from James’ first album. I’m not sure enough people have heard it cause it wasn’t released as a single, but, this tune is still so relevant. “Treated walls care for me” – can’t really say what he was trying to say there, but it makes me so fucking emotional. Oh and I’m in love with the synth playing jazzy chords in the background.”