Run with Laura Marling through her LA home

The singer-songwriter has some advice straight from the heart for you in her new video

“Once they name you, they have been known to lock you in,” Laura Marling warns, while also giving a ton of other good advice on “Gurdjieff's Daughter,” the latest single from her new album Short Movie. Here's another gem: “Don't be impressed by strong personalities...But if they fool you, don't lose your sight.” In the interim since her last album, the singer-songwriter has been spending some formative time figuring all this stuff out for herself in her new home in LA, where she took a six month sabbatical from music and now lives.

Her return feels as refreshing as a blast of cool air on a hot LA day, and the time has obviously given her space to think about identity; how to form it, and how to cling onto it in the midst of change. Which is why today, to accompany “Gurdjieff's Daughter,” Marling is sharing a rare video that features her singing her words boldly and playfully to camera. And not only that, but it's all one lovingly ramshackle take, shot by a friend in the homely environment of Laura's Silverlake house, and packed full of her mates (hey, we see you, Marika Hackman!). Watch the video exclusively on Dazed.