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Quentin from The Teenagers meets Koko Von Napoo

Quentin Delafon quizes Koko Von Napoo on matters of taste

Koko Von Napoo is an all French group consisting of three girls and one boy. The band came together in Paris via Brighton and take their name from a 1920s Mancunian gang. There unique sound takes reference from Felt, ESG and John Mauss. My favourite tracks include Polly and JonBon - great examples of enchanting pop music. They are touring the UK this March. Go check them out...

Quentin: Songs or clothes?
Koko Von Napoo: Songs. With goods songs you can buy clothes.

Quentin: Literature or biology?
KVN: Biology literature. The books we read are only made of 100% organic paper, and we always make sure that no trees were hurt.

Quentin: Drinking wine at home or smuggling drinks in the clubs?

KVN: We would never smuggle any drink of any kind in any club! That kind of behaviour is really stupid! You can make much more profit with the sale of free-drink tickets, believe us.

Quentin: Raclette or fromage de chèvre?
KVN: Would you ask anyone to chose between mother and father?

Quentin: Paris or baden baden?
KVN: Paris Paris is is not not that that bad bad.

Quentin: Girlie or boyish?
KVN: Girlish.

Quentin: Patterns or plain?
KVN: Pantone.

Quentin: 60s or 90s?
KVN: “It’s so nineties” would be a compliment in Kiddo’s mouth, an insult in Toupie’s.

Quentin: Plane or train?
KVN: “Trains And Boats And Planes”

Quentin: Germany or Poland?
KVN: dzień dobry do widzenia dziękuję

Quentin: Kate Bush or Kate Nash?
KVN: Is Kate Bush the girl who desparetely tries to sound like Toupie?

Quentin: London or Manchester?
KVN: Glasgow!

Quentin: Emerald or sapphire or gold?
KVN: Cockrings.

Quentin: Fur or leather?
KVN: Furs. We love the sound of minks screaming to death.

Quentin: Banana split or mousse au chocolat?
KVN: Banana Split - C’est le dessert que sert l’abominable homme des neiges.

Quentin: Girl power or feminism?
KVN: “Scum Manifesto”

Koko Von Napoo are currently touring the UK: March 24 - White Heat, London; March 25 - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London; March 26 - The Social, London; March 27 - Quarterhouse, Folkeston.

Text by Quentin Delafon from The Teenagers.
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