Lxury and Deptford Goth team up for CGI ‘Square 1’ video

A vision of life, death and a better place is portrayed by hand dancing

“It’s all about the feeling of euphoria or weightlessness – like swimming. It’s a great feeling when a song lifts you up like that.” London electronic artist Lxury (aka Andy Smith) is commenting on the otherworldly sounds at play on his new track “Square 1”, where he collaborates – for the first time – with soul-baring singer/songwriter Deptford Goth. Here, DG's vocal makes for an uncharacteristically-upbeat foil for Lxury’s playful-yet-ethereal electronic beats. “I like the idea of juxtaposition in music” Smith says, continuing that he doesn’t want to work with anyone “too obvious – and there’s only so much you can do with a sample.”

Director Mau Morgo explains that the digi-animated video – in which fingers and thumbs dance in tight formation – is actually an homage to African funeral rituals: “In the Dogon funeral ritual, the relationship between the dead and alive is made through dance, not words – there is nothing simpler than body language. (The video) starts with a presentation of the characters as if they were wooden African statues in a dark museum. Later when the ritual starts, the dance begins. The right hands represent the ones that are alive – they dance with the dead (left hands) - to guide them to a better place.” During the final moments, both come together, merging into one before disappearing – “the ritual has finished, everyone is in his place.”

“Square 1” is on Lxury's Into The Everywhere EP, out now