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Justin Martin In London

Dirtybird Records' finest explains those pictures of him DJing in a tutu.

San Francisco tech-house producer Justin Martin plays this Saturday at Unit 7 as part of the excellent launch party for the Lake of Stars Malawi Music Festival, co-headlined byTrojan Sound System.

DD: There are pictures on your Myspace of you wearing a tutu. Explain.
What do you mean? Is that not normal? My friend Carla in here in San Francisco will be so happy you asked. She throws a monthly at a club called Vessel here every third Tuesday of the month, and of course it's called Tututuesday. Eeryone wears tutus, even the gangsters, it's silly and fun. She also made "tututattoos" that stick on and every time you buy a drink the bartender gives you change in the form of the rare two dollar bill.

Dazed Digital: Why did you enter theRadiohead's "Nude" remix competition?
Justin Martin: 
Well, first of all, I am a big Radiohead fan. It may sound like a cliche, but the first time I went to one of their live shows it really did change my life. I loved the song and I thought it would be fun to try something different.

DD: How does clubbing in London compare to clubbing in San Francisco?
I love San Francisco because the scene is really intimate yet really crazy: there is always something going on and people not only know how to party, but they also have a great ear for music. However, London is twice as hectic! I always find myself in some kind of wonderful trouble whenever I come to play.

DD: What's your favourite place to play in the world?
There are so many amazing places that deserve mentioning, but the most inspiring have been Exit Festival (wish I could relive that moment), Goa in Madrid, Varna, on the beach in Boracay, and of course at home at our Dirtybird BBQs in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

DD: What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
I am currently working on mixing a follow up to "Chaos Restored" for Buzzin' Fly, and in June I am moving to Europe with Claude Von Stroke and my brother Christian for the summer.

DD: What's it like being part of theDirtybird Records crew?
A dream! Christian, Worthy, and Claude are family! And we are a kooky one at that. They are all really hard-working and inspiring people, so it is an honor to have friends like them in my life... and they are not bad DJs either.

DD: Have you got any musical guilty pleasures?
The arrogant Kanye West is one of my heroes.