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Blu Jemz (Los Angeles, USA)

New wave rap from the DJ and Pocket Checkers collaborator.

Recently over in London with West Coast beat heads Flying Lotus and the Gaslamp Killer (see June issue of Dazed for exclusive GLK feature), LA-based DJ, producer and vocalist Blu Jemz got down to business. That's parties, pints and records. With his criminally slept-on proto-club mixtape Second Cousins (with Rodger Yamaha) seeing a long-awaited re-issue on the Money Studies label - due to overwhelming love from the UK no less -  and new summer material from Pocket Checkers (that's Jemz and sTERRY from New York), the TurntableLab LA record store manager is slangin' more than just beats and rhymes.

What's... special about you, then?
I'd want to know what was special about you too.
...your worst vice?
...the best piece of advice you've heard?
Mom said be thankful for the bad times because without them there are no good times.
...better, analog or digital?
Analog because you can make mistakes.
...your favourite piece of clothing?
Marc Jacobs military green pullover.
...the world coming to?
...the name of your hero?
Dam-Funk. special about your hero?
He recently told me his mantra for life is: "Every night I can fall asleep knowing today was a good day because I didn't bite anybody!" I wish more of these motherfuckers had that much class.
...your worst fashion secret?
I rarely wash my hair, but when I do I use a hair crème called something like "Dirt". year going to bring?
Lots of collaborations from: Pocket Checkers, Second Cousins, MoBroder and Hardy Boyz. A Night People mix, Unemployed Lloyd sitcom and maybe a relocation back to NYC or on to Miami.
...your favourite website? the top of your shit list?
Apple. What else do I have to buy from you Steve Jobs?
How would you describe your work?
New wave rap (synths, samples and anything dark).