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Morgan Louis picks his top 5 cuts from the vault

The White Material Records DJ reminisces about tracks he used to play out in the early '00s

This September a new, experimental music festival, Sustain Release, comes to New York. Showcasing the cream of the crop in dance music alongside emerging artists about to break, we've got a seven-part special today going in deep with the creators – get up to speed here.

I've been active in DJing since 98 or so, started out hip hop rockin parties, learning to mix records, then got real deep in house and techno not long after. Started playing gay clubs and underground parties in Providence around '05, that was fun, and then onto Boston where I linked up with a good crew of people and we threw parties there for a while too. I left RI and moved to NY for a stint which was life saving and inspiring, being close to friends I spent many years with in Providence put some life back in me. I've worked on my own material on/off the last 6 years, always a work in progress, and largely tied to moods. Life is always in the way, and house/techno/whatever is always the perfect escape.

I Stumbled onto User 10 years ago or so, gets me open every time. If you can find the label live mix by Harvey Lane, do it. (tears for fears sample is fuckin' mental!)

Dean Cole made most the User records; huge influence on me- and yo! this is from Mills' youtube so you know QC checks out! 

Grabbed this when it came out, Soundhack has a lot in common with Big Daddy Kane - R A W. 

Older Gigolo hasn't worn a bit, 15 years on still has me open.

Not that old but real fresh, Ed DMX dropped this on his podcast couple years ago, living in NY this was official metro musik.

Morgan Louis plays the main stage at Sustain-Release Festival at 11.30pm Saturday September 13t