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Mark Ronson and The Rumble Strips

Dazed Digital films Mark Ronson working on The Rumble Strips' new record in New York

Film DirectionTim NoakesFilm EditingMichael OswaldTextTim Noakes
Stepping into the control room of New York’s legendary Avatar Studios, a place that has recorded everyone from Bon Jovi to Devo, the emotive sound of Charlie Waller’s voice drifts through the mixing desk’s monitors as a tape captures every vocal nuance. His band, The Rumble Strips, have come to Manhattan to record a follow up to their critically acclaimed debut Girls & Weather with Grammy award winning producer Mark Ronson. As Waller sings a new track entitled “Already Dead”, Ronson closes his eyes and nods his head back and forth, oblivious to everything in the room apart from the vaguely Spectorish sounds coming out of the speakers. As the take comes to an end, Ronson walks into the band’s recording studio and announces, tongue firmly in cheek, “That was in the pocket. Now let’s rock it”. After three more versions, the rest of the band hit the roof for well deserved roll ups and coffee while Ronson and Waller stay behind to discuss the recording sessions, horn embargoes, stage fright, and why they've decided to work together.

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