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Listen to techno heroine Xosar jamming live from Berlin

One of this year's most distinctive dance voices, recorded DJing live at a very late night house party ahead of an appearance at New York's most exciting new festival

Techno has had a hell of a year. Fed by an alliance of labels, musicians and ravers seeking ever-stronger hits, modern, artistic and often dark takes on the beat are central to going out and getting ripped like never before. Berlin's outer edges, in particular, have rarely been healthier, funner, or more boundary-pushing. Xosar, a Californian who calls the German dance capital home today after a stint in The Hague, brings a spiritual energy to the proceedings, and her sets are legendary, never-to-be-repeated examples of techno at its improvisational, transformative finest. She's found kindred spirits, interestingly, with the people behind Sustain-Release, a new American dance festival that combines some of underground electronic music's finest explorers with a higher dimension, to be held up in the Catskills this September, where Xosar will perform. Electric Daisy Carnival this ain't, but we will be featuring a special feed of content from this festival through the coming weeks, but now, let us take you to the depths of the Berlin night with this special, special set of live music.

She describes it thus: "Recorded live in a delirious state at 6:21 AM, August 19, 2014 in Berlin, Germany in an apartment resembling a dungeon using one broken electribe, (knobs held in place with paperclip, duct tape & gum from the dollar store) perched gently atop an ironing board (draped in black velvet to disguise its homely nature)."