Watch Eating Out's sexy, scuzzy punk video

In the storming ‘Grandpa’ frontman Daniel Pitout visits a rundown strip joint

Canadian punk four-piece Eating Out – feat. members of Nü SensaeWhite Lung and Peace (the other one) – put out a a straight-to-the-julular cassette on our favourite Fullerton label Burger Records a coupla years back, and have been trickling out ace videos since then. In “Burn” we got highways and a houseparty, before being taken back to school earlier this year in the grunge ballad “That’s My Man”. For the grainy lo-fi “Grandpa” bleach-blonde frontman Daniel Pitout is shirtless and snarling in a strip joint, as a buxom blonde sashays in leopard print and a couple of skinheads get smeared with face paint. Under Vancouver artist Tyler Udall’s direction, getting your face crushed by a stiletto never looked so appealing.